He/she brought me some flowers

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He brought me some flowers
On the first day of the monsoon showers
I had waited for long to hear him call my name
Though I knew it wouldn’t be the same
This meeting of ours….
Unlike old times, I couldn’t run to him to be in his arms
I could only hear his footsteps against the gravel path
I could only smell the fragrance of my favorite flowers
That he gently kept on my grave and we sat quietly for hours
Because he was always poor with words
and I no more had the power
to wipe his tears blended in monsoon showers.


He bought me some flowers that drenched my heart,
Those white daisies were miraculous that touched me.
His voice was dripping like those gifted daisies’ nectar,
That was a breathtaking moment for me to forget myself.
His eyes met mine for the first time at the turnstile,
His glare made my eyes blind of others except him.
And today, he has gifted me a bunch of daisies,
Which was dropping nectar like his passion on me.
He made me taste the nectar with his sweetened lips,
That drove me out towards his fire of fondness.
We walked through the turnstile again and made –
Our footprints forever with those alluring daisies.


She picked flowers in a summer garden
and brought them to me in a bouquet,
matched colors and scents to convey
our shared memories from the heart.
Blood red roses unfurled, in full bloom,
showing unblushing passionate love,
white jasmine sprays the fragrance of
sensual ambience in exotic perfume.
Lavender color of the divine feminine,
healing in sweet scent induced sleep,
forget-me-nots pepper intimate secrets
tied with string of unforgettable times.



She brought me some flowers
Freshly plucked from the wild
Just the way I loved them
She brought me some flowers
All tied up in a bouquet
To be displayed on my desk
But I liked the fact
That she brought me some flowers
To keep me in touch, with nature


The class was bustling with excitement,
Oh! It was teacher’s day you see.
Everyone were eager to impress,
Their lady love, with their gifts.
Bouquets, chocolates and cakes,
Pens, earrings and books,
All awaited me, wrapped in their beautiful smiles.
One little boy was excited, but hesitant too.
As he stretched his hand out to me.
He brought me some flowers,
They were hand made by him.
That stood out for me and remained in my heart forever.


While I lay in shadows of indolence
The parched soils,I see have started to crack
Returning to my homeland with abounding dreams
Things weren’t good as I thought it would be
Yet the ever smiling orb of the night gleamed
With an assurance of heavy rains soon and it would all be fine
He got me some flowers ,my dad knows me very well
Along a news of weather forecast
That the village would now blossom in greens
To take my heart flutter once again in joy.


Fresh freesia release on a summer breeze of lambent longing
Petals strewn around the hearth
I carve a place in my heart for you
Petunia borders in lemon zing
I tingle to your touch
Head rush
This spin I’m in of lily loveliness
I confess the plume of love you sparked
Stark stems of hope enter like Athena’s dart


He bought me some flowers to manifest his love,
little did I know, it was just a bluff.
He then bought me some more flowers, some more each day, some new each day.
The flowers kept me at bay, he made sure the flower’s kept me away.
I kissed the petals feeling his lips, touching its petals feelings his kiss.
I saw them then side by side, without any flower’s, without any gifts.
I broke and raged all over the flower’s, destroying them was my only chance until I stopped to the ring of bell.
Opened the door to more new flowers. Breathed in anger, flowers blew a calming plan.
Made the amends, followed the plan, took the action with the flowers in hand.
It was done, no more flowers in the apartment, just the fragrance.
For the were where they belong, on the Grave of the deliverer.


He bought me some flowers
Some blossomed and some still as buds
Flowers shaped into words
The bloomed ones were his confessions and the bud were those words gently tucked within mind too delicate to bring out
Of petals made of metaphors
The pollen grains were the emotions he sprinkled on them.
And the flowers conglomerated into a bouquet so smelling them : I smelled poetry inked on my breath 


He sent me flowers today,
I looked at them in gratitude.
Just what I needed
To heal my heart, to cleanse my soul, to put the broken pieces together
He would never know what they meant to me
Just when I felt myself drowning
They surfaced , to prop me up and hold me there
He could have sent me a petal today and yet saved me.



He brought me some flowers to cover up his mistake
I wish I had known that his love was fake
His deceit broke my heart into smithereens
It would have been less painful had he come clean
I am forlorn and all alone
In despair, I groan
He smashed my trust
With every lie, the relationship had begun to rust
I am picking the pieces of my heart
Because it is time for a fresh start


Perhaps that was the last time,
And we did never meet again,
But just to keep his memories fresh in my mind,
He brought me some flowers and then;
He called my name-“Rose”
With a same sweet gesture,
And it became impossible for me
To refuse this souvenir of a soul lover. We parted, I cried, The flowers soon got dried, But those memories are still alive.


He gave me a bouquet of flowers once,
At the center of each flower,
was a piece of the universe,
for he said I was, everything,
sun, moon, stars, and nobody could compete,
all the while he straddled, that fence,
and I was border lining, on nothing,
the horizon coming closer, each night,
he put my sun, to sleep,
stealing light, I needed with each weep;
and as it turns out I was Luna,
but in a phase, a cycle he couldn’t complete



To think I had no one when the earth grew cold
My heart censored this and would not flinch
The veil of the Earth was torn
By wealth, power and politics
I had no one to trust
The lady who sells fried beans balls, a queen
Knocked the door at six am
“I heard you lost love, I do not see you drive across
I brought you these flowers, a poem and my heart
I was told you will like them
I would wait if you want it all then I will stay all day session by session at no fee to get you healed”.


Opened the door,
bunch of golden yellows
brushed my lips, as he
thrust them gently
hiding his mortified face,
behind a veil of apologetic roses.
Sniffed and grabbed them
playfully gave him a push,
teary eyed me, the sight of
his moist eyes had me forget
what transpired last night,
as once more we kissed.


She brought me some flowers
And filled my heart with inspiration
I’m getting a little intoxicating with excitement
When she touch me
With the caress of the most delicate petals
She give me a long-awaited hug
And we’ll know our love forever

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