Feel Special With You

It was about ten years ago but even today I blush, when I remember that day.
It was a simple Coffee Date with that special one with whom I am going to spend my whole life.

Yes! Now he is my better half. But before he was a stranger who offered me to meet at a branded coffee restaurant for a cool meet.

I am more excited but little anxious what will happen when I am with him?
But what all happened was good and memorable.

He pick me from my place. We have lots of close conversation in between the journey to restaurant.

Finally we reached, He opened the door of the car, and offered me to come out by forwarding his hand in my direction. We moved towards the restaurant, he pulled the chair, and offered me to sit. He continuously gazes at me, and I am feeling shy and asked him why are you looking at me like this, his answer I remembered ever, “Because you look beautiful and I wish to see you like this forever. ” This conversation makes us friendly.


Then his words,” What would you like to have, let’s have a cup of coffee. ” He ordered exotic heart shaped latte art coffee cups , with the heart shaped chocolate cake. He just picked the piece of cake with the fork and move the fork towards me, I ate the cake and experienced the first love of my life. And then another pieces of cake and sips of coffee. Don’t know how time flies.

And it’s finally the time to go back home. He dropped me at my place, and said see you soon to me with his lovely eyes.

It was really a special date, something I had never experienced before. And from then till now as a couple we experience many special coffee dates together.

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