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If I tell you the sun loved me
It was beneath its lingering
Saving me as a ransom
This is my belief.
Under the drapes of dreamy celestiality
Glowing my thoughts in blooming scenes
My soul laughs like tender children
As every landscape of emotion brews miracle.
Pushing me beyond my limits
Yet living my nature for my good
Drinking from Warmth’s fancy
The sunshine of every dream and reality.


Stealthily it enters, like a mother
Gently awakening her child from slumber
moving around each and every nook and corner
settling things, bringing out the order with her warmth and glow
Her enigmatic presence makes them tow
Hope, Optimism, and Positivity
And out she throws darkness, pessimism, and despair
Igniting fresh desires
Lighting up passionate fires
For every new day enters life as a sign
Of fresh beginnings with
A magical sunshine…


The fiery light dimmed itself into silent darkness
To summon the annoying thoughts of tomorrow
As a firefly caught her brown eyes with happiness
That night she slept without sorrow
Mornings had stories to witness
Nights had solutions in row
Asking her mind to unthread blemishes
Her sunshine was in her to grow…



A glistening beam of sunshine consecrates the entire cosmos with auspiciousness
Annihilates the darkness and uplifts gloom
A beautiful ray of light wraps the earth in warmth
To make it fruitful and motherly
All life depends on the radiance of sunlight
Sunlight blesses us and gaiety prevails
In the darkest of times, clouds may obscure you for a while
Recognize the majestic light behind
Or the Sun may not shine for a while, to pave the way for night
But it never leaves us truly as the Sun is shining on the other side for a while!


Springs a new dawn, after a restful night,
I sway in the light breeze gayly
Watching the pink tones change to flame
As the sun rises above the mountains.
Soaking up the sunshine I shimmer
Golden green; fluttering amidst the wind
Dancing to its presto, fluid-like
Movements, dazzling in the sunshine
Happily heralding growth!


The golden sunshine
Streaming in through the windows
You regaling me with tales of yore
Over endless cups of tea

Our raucous laughter
permeating the walls
The birds joining in
To create a delightful cacophony

Take me back
To those languid afternoons
Where ladybirds smiled and
Butterflies winked

And I basked in the eternal sunshine of your love


Under the great old oak,
The golden sunshine paints a portrait of shadows.
Shadows, setting a game of hide and seek on the grey canvas.
Hiding, seeking, interluding sprogs.
Smiling brilliantly as he paints a classic.
Till it’s the time for his egress.
The silver moonlight which shows up, excels at Decalcomania,
Transferring the portrait to a canvas of star dust.


My eyes searched for you all over the moment I stepped in
When I had expected to see you celebrate our victory,
I was taken aback noticing you, welled up with tears
My yearning to cuddle and embrace in your arms failed
But why? the question is haunting me, every second
Our beautiful journey of togetherness that we longed
Has suddenly ended even before we took the first step
And here I am ready to bid farewell forever from this world
Oh! I realize my mistake, inheriting the same dual chromosome
Yet, ain’t I, not your darling sunshine, my dear mother?



A little bit of sunshine in our lives,
Is all we need to melt away any strife.
The clouds of doom that are nowadays perpetually hovering near,
Disappear when the sun winks at you from the clouds with a resounding cheer!
This pandemic has done us more harm than good,
A day in open air is no longer as attractive as it should.
Social distancing has effectively killed our days in the sun,
Masked faces and fearful eyes have all but wiped out the fun.
But then, isn’t the sun shining now as it did back then?
Perhaps hinting that bright days of gatherings and cheer will come back again?
I for one, am sure that these dreadful days are on the wane,
Bright sunny days with carefree laughter will definitely ring out again!


An acrostic on Sunshine 𝙎oothing everyone with your warmth, 
𝙐shering positivity and hope, 
𝙉urturing every single cell, that, 
𝙎trives to live. 
𝙃eralding the power of God, 
𝙄n creating this beautiful
𝙉ature, with an abundance of, 
𝙀nergy, ecstasy and excitement.


Bestowed by the shimmering sunshine
The first glimmers of verdant green
Drape the melting icy bouquet
Ushering in a sea of vivid blooms
With its mesmerizing sheen.
The Robin hums the song of happiness
Amidst amber-soaked streams of jocund glow
Painting monotonous turf vivid
Deciphering the kaleidoscopic colors of nature’s ebullience


You are sunshine of my life
Bright refreshing and energetic
Every morning I wake up with you
Every night I wait for you
I cant live without you
I cant look into you
My eyes might tell you the truth
I am afraid I might loose you
Oh God help me please
Pull me out of this quagmire
Or let not the night end
So that I can always be asleep to pretend


You are my sunshine, a ray of hope every morning, a shroud of gloom when you retire every evening. My life runs in cyclic motion. Like Sun, he’s the fuel that nurtures life. His love radiates the best in me, his harsh glare wilts the dreams in spree. I bask in love with a pretentious bloom. Behind closed doors, where no light ever reached, a dark knight rises to molest me. I cry out, my silent screams are heard by me. I decide every night, tomorrow is the day, I will set my voice free. The first ray of the Sun emboldens my resolve. As I come out, face the sunshine, my children smile, he plants a good morning kiss, I see a new light, the issues dissolve. The nights are dark but the Sun shines every morning.



Sunshine has the power to sweep the gloom
From every nook and cranny of my room
Sunshine has the mystical power to heal
And brings happiness real
Sunshine, when warms the body whole
Rejuvenated are the mind and soul
Sunshine makes me come alive
A smile erupts on my face when a single ray arrives
When sunshine bids dark clouds adieu
Energy and enthusiasm is renewed


Sunshine has the power to sweep the gloom
From every nook and cranny of my room
Sunshine has the mystical power to heal
And brings happiness real
Sunshine, when warms the body whole
Rejuvenated are the mind and soul
Sunshine makes me come alive
A smile erupts on my face when a single ray arrives
When sunshine bids dark clouds adieu
Energy and enthusiasm is renewed.


Every moment the
cornucopia of beauty
overflows from his urn
so that each pleased child
has a takeaway in time,
as amazing riotous colors
bursts forth with the sunshine
unfurling my today, in
in mystical magical skies.



Sunshine to me is more relatable, of that professed scope of hope, when in a cloud cast sky.
Yet, assuredly assumed, only by the experienced eyes, to be hiding behind the clouds of impatience.
Honored is the hopeful sunshine when it burns, the entrant in its heat of grit.
Makes a salvation of a deal out of success, closer to that end, commonly known as defeat.
Then rewards with the crown of flourishing results, blooming like a bouquet of fragrant bliss.
Is this Sunshine partially not hiding within you and me?
Is it not discoverable with all its worth intact?
Search through the memoirs, when it hung there with that tiny hook of helical hope, though confusing yet more intuitively inclined in a yes.
So, tell me, does it not shines out of the clouds of sadness, that very sunshine !
Is hopelessness not just a conditioned fragile idea of impatience?
I have now vowed to find out, which of the two is the brightest ?
The one within me or the one outside, in search of My Share of Sunshine.


When I feel low,
It’s he who light up?
Not the mood, but the things around,
That’s why he is my sunshine.
When I feel high,
It’s he who bind up,
Not the things, but the thoughts around?
That’s why he is my sunshine.
When  I feel broken,
It’s he who collects up?
Not the thoughts, but the memories around,
That’s why he is my sunshine.

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