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Here are the winners of the week! (Top 3 first)

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She squinted her eyes like a cat,
And snarled an angry ‘meow’ as she entered the flat.
She knew he was there with her best friend,
She had seen through their game of ‘pretend’
The looks exchanged between them had been her first clue,
And the fact that his hours in the office grew.
They had been together for some years, so she could read him like a book,
She knew by his demeanor that she had him by the hook.
Now she had caught them red-handed,
Like an angry feline, she growled and meowed as she on them landed.
They were struck dumb to see the cat like stare,
And rued the day they started their affair!


Heard a meow begging from the window
The door rests closed as far as I’m aware
Don’t look outside, she’s not coming back kiddo
You know her and the cold she couldn’t bare
Hopes are oceans of dreams sometimes
Too bad not all of them come true
But sometimes you’d be very well surprised
To see them sticking around in the view
I heard a meow this morning clear
Louder than my thoughts could get
Foolish animal I guess you won’t appear
On my closed window in the nights when I forget


The first time I saw
Your cuddly look
I promised myself that
I’d take care of you
Like no one else would ever do.
The first time I heard
Your “meow”
I knew right away
That you were going to bring warm rays
To my rainy days!
You gave me your paw
And I gave you my soul!



Feline whisked into an easy lounge
Her eyes glistening gems of longing
For a moment’s embrace
poignant unreserved
that gentle touch of her gaze
held infinite fondness;
Purrs paw-some cuddles coaxing vow
to finally yield into her universal, meow!


Cats sensual meows seek attention of sweetness
Cats get into haven of stars with lovers
A soul who resonates with their meows
I suffer from philophobia and Ailurophobia
Yet love my friends and strangers deeply
This alluring evening Ahmed narrated his loneliness
I could relate, yet masked under busy creativity
A cat gaited to us in needy meows
Ahmed bent down, rubbed it “”we” have this one””
I loved “we” for the very first time in a long while
Found sensualities in his Dole &Gabbana “The One”
“Meow” his magical gaze found my prime.


Every time I hear a MEOW, my heart craves for you
Now, who will take away my blues?
Where are you, my child?
The naughty and wild
I feel I have lost a part of me
With you, gone is my glee
Kitty, my cat, please come back soon
For me, you are a boon



She roams the whole house and yard
Alone at times, with the rest other times.
Comes asking for food, cuddles,
Attention, bonding and scratches,
Every meow has a different meaning.
Long drawn out one is begging for food,
Another time it’s, ‘pet me’
Screaming she means, ‘let me into the room’
Comes up to me and softly but persistently, insists, ‘want to cuddle on your lap’
Each time a differently sounding ‘meow’!!


I used to be scared of cats
till I met you.
Your meow felt different
and you got stuck to me like glue.
I still recall the playful times we had.
To see you suddenly leave
made me feel really sad.

Now you reside in heaven
and I hope you are still as pleasant
as you were on earth.


This look of yours it breaks me apart,
your pic a blur with tears stabs my heart,
this shattering rain none hears you mew,
did you manage a morsel to eat on your own?
Is there a roof covering your head?
are you trembling in fright each step you tread?
At night i fear, if your life is at stake ?
don’t think you are abandoned or forsaked.
My tears of pain now merged in this rain,
pray in sorrow, please find your way back again.


A cute little ball of fur, sat comfortably.
Little Kiara found her by the roadside, on the way to the park casually.
Its milky white furry coat ,she stroked too gently.
It made a “meow ” sound and purred softly.
The kitten opened its eyes, and licked Kiara’s palm carefully.
Looking at her Mumma, Kiara said can we call her Sally.
Kiara, had found the right pet for herself finally.
Mumma , brought it home in a basket lovingly.
Sally became the best friend of Kiara quickly.
Both loved each other’s cuddle and company genuinely.



She moves with feline grace
stepping lightly through life
with sinuous silent elegance.
Dressed in sleek black velvet,
jeweled eyes perfect emerald,
she exudes a seductive charm.
Weaving her bewitching spell,
more panther than pussycat,
more deep growl than meow.


Moving to the big city was a dream come true, For the girl like me who had no clue
how lonely it could be not to hear those familiar voices or not to see those smiling faces.
The borough seemed strange and cold.
Fast life, swarming crowds, stinky neighborhood, people indifferent and bored.
Coming home to that small, dingy room couldn’t lure, till she appeared…
Calling out frantically from the window sill, Till I opened it and let her in.
She entered like a queen, wagging her tail as if it was a trail
She looked at me with those innocent eyes and then she did something;

She called me with sweetest ‘meow’.
That she was home, she very well knew
And her arrival into my life helped me sew the gaps between the two homes
Finally I let myself belong to the ‘new’… city as home…


The rain stopped an hour ago,
Still I walked into tears to brush her manes and to hear meow,
Abandoned us her spirit glide away,
Although she shared our lives cheerful or sombre,
Her ignorant meows struck us like melodies,
A rebel with sharp claws hidden in furs from bottom to end,
Rubs her face against the post she tried to climb many times,
She handles my tantrums when anger influence most,
She never scratched or bite but protect in other ways,
She roars meows when she could smell the fishes but couldn’t find it,
It was on lofty vase’s side where we kept her pewter,
She purred meow with tears when she get tired and goes to sleep on her cradle.


From the window a shadow jumped inside,
Like a phantom it was taking a free ride.
I was startled, my mouth open wide out of fear,
Sometimes the shadow was far, sometimes near.
I closed my eyes, pretending to be blind,
Within few minutes, myriad thoughts came in my mind.
But then I heard a sound of ‘meow’, coming from the shadow,
Suddenly it jumped again, but this time out of the window.

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