A lie on her lips

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A lie on her lips
Did you ever notice the lie on her lips ?
Lush, bee stung lips
Filled with the promise of a thousand stolen kisses
Laced with poison coated ivy
Telling you time and again how much they love you
The eyes tell a different tale though
They speak of hate, spite and malice
Believe the eyes any day,
For they are the mirrors to the soul!


A lie on her lips,
When she mumbles all is fine.
Her heart whimpers but her mind stand strong,
The intention is she cares for all to forge a magical bond.
She gets adored because of her essence and compassion,
While tenancy for others she disregards herself.
She lied all her life for the sake of others contentment,
But nobody bothered to bestow their energy for her accomplishment.
She then realized her shortcomings and evoke more strongly,
Chose her path to live on her dreams and flee away by magnifying her wings blindly.


Her lips tied with guilt and sadness,
Heartbroken and teary she was,
her talks ruined the environment,
as the lie on her lips was evident to all,
no one spoke the truth,
and everyone participated in the big lie,
a healthy baby girl was born,
and she said boy!



A lie on her lips seems so innocent,
Her cute smile is charming and magnificent,
When she blinks her eyes, my heart skips a beat,
She is my life’s most beautiful gift,
She is my greatest pride and joy,
Her company I love and enjoy,
I treasured those heavenly moments in my heart,
When she giggled, crawled and tore many a things apart,
Many a times, I berated her
But no one is as sweet as my daughter.


Even though her eyes were golden
He felt for her red lips
She bit, caressed, enveloped them with a fake smile
He bought her diamonds and stars
And infinite promises were exchanged
One fine day seeing her lips bruised
Confronting about it he knew that it was a lie on her lips
The kisses were not by him but by a roadside Fling


‘I’ll try to be back soon’ he promised
‘Don’t worry I am fine’ she assured
She waved at him with teary eyes
Only she knew it was a lie on her lips
Oh how she wished to be in his arms
And feel his breath tickling her neck
As they just joined together in life, but
She knew their country needed him more than her


A lie on her lips and a sigh in her eyes
Makes her blushing cheeks more pink
As she pulls a cover on another sin…
She coughs up an excuse to leave it behind
A coldness so profuse, a stone for a heart
Yet stands out like svelte among the din…
A lie on her lips and she’s laughed it away
No guilt can make it sublime anymore
Betrayed once, she now treats one and all akin!



Though her eyes spoke the truth, there was a lie on her lips;
He knew that he should leave but he still stood transfixed.
A serial liar, she parted her full red lips in an enticing smile,
As usual she used her sensuality to hide her guile.
This was not the first time she had cheated on him,
But now he’d had enough and took a view very dim.
He had given her many chances, but now no more,
He was not going to stand by while she turned into a whore.
He recalled his friends had tried to warn him about her,
But then he had been totally under her spell and not heard the whispers.
Her full red lips no longer did him tantalize,
He walked away from her sly charm and emerged a lot more wise.


Masked beneath the bright red. 
Was the clotted blood
And purple blemishes. 
That spoke about her plight, 
Which alas, never saw any light, 
And was reborn every night. 
There they lay, as a lie on her lips, 
That through many eyes did slip.


She’s a late tear,
An outlawed feeling,
An ink that no one writes with.
Cracks on the asphalt
And the bodies hanging from the eyelashes
She loved to bury them
In a circle of her atheistic spirit.
Those real lies,
Some prayers of the sin.
Those bits of expired truth
They were just a lie on her lips.


Many times before and many after
Yet many changes found thereafter,
Here we are, thinking it is going to
End, but does it really mean to?
And why should love be taken for granted?
Running for the attention and undistracted
Time, do they mean anything? Unless my
Heart is filled with loneliness,
Up straight as those green lands ploughed,
Resurrecting from the pain caused,
Telling that she’s fine with everything
Selling it even it’s A Lie on her Lips.


“Leave me alone,
I’m fine,
I’m jus tired,
Probably have too much running on my mind”

Hold her tight and give her a hug,
For it’s all jus a lie on her lips,
She’s hurting deep inside and doesn’t know what to say,
Jus heal her soul with a kiss!


Her glare when her eyes meets mine
suggests much between the lines
yet her face seems oh so cold
expressions dead, no feelings evoked;
an enigma taunting me vigorously
to unravel what was hidden
within the crevices of her mind,
challenges me to disfigure each
pixel in her deep green eyes,
her sensuality surely did speak
in her silence as she gazed,
unless she had mastered
the art of a lie on her lips.


A lie on her lips and in her eyes
Every day she is in a disguise
Lost is the real SHE
Fake is her glee
To her pretense, there is no end
For everyone’s needs, she is ready to bend
But, in reality, she is in an abyss
Oblivious is the world, that with her something is amiss
Her real emotions are never unfurled
She is lonely in this big world



Take a deep breath as her blue eyes will leave you breathless,
No eye contact but just an eye roll,
My heart, she stole,
Her eyes spilled some secrets,
But no regrets,
She lied to me about her darkest truth,
So I made sure she left forever,
On her grave, today I stand as a lonely man,
No truth but only lies,
She wanted to have no ties,
From a bottle of poison, she took just two sips,
She died because of a lie on her lips.


A lie on her lips
Would ring true
By her lying eyes
She expressed her love
For me.


Those twisted words,
Teased by the shapely red,
Of your tenders lips.
The ones that tasted bitter,
From a lie on her lips.
And the echoes,
Of fibs you told,
Just to tie me up in knots,
Where you left me no choice,
Because I can’t undo,
All the wrongs,
You said I’ve done.


“I’m fine” she said with a smile;
The lie on her lips making others around her comfortable.
She was taught to be agreeable, to seek validation from others, to always conform to the norm.
Then one day her life changed,
She was thrown off the norm.
She now lives life on her own terms, confronts and challenges; seeks validation only from herself.
The lie on her lips long forgotten.



Shades of red painted in exuberance,
Crimson delight
Admired and Awed
Each stays mesmerized by her ruby hued lips,
Lost in the beauty of her
Petalled crimsoned lips,
Till the bitterness and vileness of her lies,
Envelopes everyone, leaving a bitter , distaste!


A lie on her lips
As heavy as a rock
She carries it around
Flaunting it with finesse
Coating it with truth
Making it look
As light as a feather
For her beloved in vain!


Into her eyes I look
searching for my self
Each time she blinks
the beat of my heart goes awry
In the breath we share I find
answers to all my questions
Her lips want me – their twitch I read
Uniting them with mine I steal a song
A song she had desired to sing
A song I have always wished to hear
And thus many a moment slips
Following a lie on her lips


In the crevices of the black night, Her chastity gets torn apart, Predators as wild wolves gnaws on her flesh. Her distressed, tormented soul weeps and bleeds, Alas! Wounds scream of humanity’s fall. Dawn breaks, scars get concealed, Dark secrets lay buried under velvety shrouds, She paints her lips raspberry red and fakes a smile- A lie on her lips.


A lie on her lips is difficult to pry,
She speaks it without blinking eyes.
Trained to lure, she’s a sweetie pie,
Adept in her work, she’s here to defy
She makes a kill without much hue and cry,
With million guises, her appearances make one wry,
Her investigations leave everyone high and dry,
She is the most deadly secret service spy,
Her luscious lips do lie when her eyes spot a sly.


Evoking erotic stirrings,
Pouted, beautiful red lips,
No justification, when it’s employed
With a lie on her lips
Impotent as for emotions
Leaving him detached
The alliance terminated
All because of a lie on her beauteous lips!

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