Dear Teacher,

A tad late for this post to come out but it’s never too late to thank our teachers!

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You taught to be to be grounded in love and reality,
be compassionate and giving more than i seek,
absorb the essence that’s whispered in the breeze,
imbibe the healing power of the trees.
Respect and live and grow alongside,
so you see the beauteous things inside;
dear teacher is chaste Nature not to be defiled,
live and let live so harmony exists.


Dear Teacher
I look back and can’t remember many of them, who taught me pointing at my missteps.
But not you, who kept benevolence above admonishment.
Your kindness made my heart grow fonder
and soon, I loved to learn and also to ponder at my own mistakes.
How I wish, I could witness again the twinkle of your eyes whenever I stood up to fight for the right.
‘Accept others and Be fair,’ your precious words I still imbibe!


School life is part of our journey
That’s always remembered!
Classmates, friends, blackboards,
Assembly, school bell and teachers!
Many a teacher is close to my heart,
Their teachings never to be forgotten!
I thank you dear teachers
For moulding me into the person I am now!



Dear Teacher,

You nourished my mind and soul , preparing me for tomorrow’s world.
Through your gentle ways, I learnt how to be kind.
You deftly guided me upon the path of self expression
And when you refused to do a task for me, I unknowingly valued independence.

Today, when I look back, I am overcome with gratitude.
For your ways imparted life lessons, ones not found in books.
Your smile inspired confidence, of the quiet, resilient kind.
And in the jigsaw of life you always, always helped me find that missing piece.


Dear Teacher,
In your shoes, I have stepped today
To enlighten us, I am sure you would have toiled all night and day
The desire was to become like you
It was the only thing I knew
Thank you for instilling confidence in me
Teaching is not an easy job, now I agree
Taming brats would have given you sleepless nights
Your only aim was to see each one of us scale great heights
To you, we dedicate our success
I owe gratitude for the love and a big sorry for all the stress
Your Student


Dear teacher
A bright sunshine, a ray of hope
You are the one who makes the fog dissipate
You sorted out my frazzled mind
Feeding my curiosity with new fuel
I owe a lot to you
You are the architect of many a minds like me
Your vision, courage and perseverance made all the difference in our lives
Moving ahead with intent and conviction
Taking hardships in my stride
In this meandering path of life
Your teachings are my guiding light


Dear teacher,
Your perseverance instilled resoluteness to tread an extra mile
Your pearls of wisdom inspired to traverse the odds and smile
Your guidance succored to value selflessness
Your positivity reached deep within, thereby conquering all darkness
You helped me believe in myself, sans being judgmental
Empowering me with a knowledge monumental
Heartfelt gratitude for being the catalyst for development instrumental


Dear teacher, what I truly desire?
My tears – to become your dew
My sorrow – to turn into your whispers
My eyes – to see a patch of your changing sky
My heart – to melt in time
And a simple feature blown by your wind,
As your sun dies,
From another past, from another life…



Dear Teacher of my heart,
How could you forget that part
When we laughed as we were friends,
When you wouldn’t take offends?
You got mad on me sometimes
We both ran out of our lines
One thing remained clear to me
I was just a high degree.


Dear teacher,
Me a knowledge seeker
Tumbled upon many a Gods like you, 
You enlighten me and in your debt for life I’m due,
Childhood to adulthood,
Silently beside me you stood,
Cheering for my achievements,
consoling for my disappointments,
Life without you would have been havoc of discontentment.


The fun part of going to school were friends no doubt,
But dear teacher, your contribution in my impressionable years also cannot be counted out.
You taught me to sift the grain from the chaff,
You taught me to face the setbacks with a laugh!
You taught me to stand up and injustice fight,
You taught me to demand what is mine by right.
Even today, it’s your teachings that hold me in good stead,
Not for nothing, forty one years hence, I am still in your debt!


She brightened our day
Acknowledged our fears
She scolded us in a way
That never brought us tears

She encouraged the fast learners
And became mother to the below averaged
She sacrificed all her energy in parting wisdom
And helped those who were raged

She would answer all our silly queries
And wouldn’t bother on replies
She was sometimes our Mother, Father, friend, the one we would pray to,
Our Dear Teacher was an Almighty in disguise



Always Your Student
Dear teachers, my dear teachers,
You smile and warm touch,
Are still fresh in my mind,
Though they have eluded me in these years.
You moulded a raw me, into what I am now,
And my success l, oh! I owe them to you.
No titles can please me more,
Than always being called your student!!


Dear teacher,
You are a God in human features,
You enlighten our path with knowledge and wisdom,
That strengthens the power of the generation with talent and achievement.
Though the competitive attitude of schools are putting you pressure,
But don’t let the charm of your snatched by the anxiety of performance,
Your teaching is way beyond the school curriculum,
As preaching is not restricted to only words limitations,
You are shaping a child’s mind that will reflect in his personality,
So, be the same Dronacharya who taught Arjuna the supreme humanity.
I bow you for all your selfless preaching,
May God give you more strength to illuminate the life of kith and kin.


With gentle pressure and a nurturing-heart, you endeavor to mold us to the best of art,
Determined not to renounce on us even if occurs the cracks
Filling the gaps and handling us with extreme care,
You try repeatedly surrounding the positive atmosphere.
Believing that every soul has the potential for greatness,
Awakens us with your greatest virtue of selflessness.
You change our fragile earth to a formed-shape, salvaging us from every fall,
My humble regards always at the feet of all!


Thank you for being my constant guide. Thank you for encouraging me for giving my best. Thank you for holding my hand, whenever I was confused. Thank you dear teacher for make me stand up Thank you for helping me shape my identity. Thank you dear teacher for helping me take responsibility. Thank you for making me feel unique. Dear teacher words , fail to pay you a gratitude for each of your deeds. Keep guiding me , throughout my life with your caring hands and kind deeds.


Dear Teacher
You are the pride of my nation,
You offer our nation their idols,
You kindle a ray of hope in young minds.
You are energetic, compassionate and full of insights,
Not a single student can evade from your sight.
You toil to make the students future bright.
Your hands are elevated to bless.
Life evolves to be ethereal every time your feet are touched.


Day starts with a Goooooood moooooorning ma’am,
And being yelled for all the things that gave me charm,
The toughest job for you was making me sit,
You knew very well that I wouldn’t quit,
All those classes which filled with lessons,
In between sleep made its way to Akens,
Every time when I felt low of my self-esteem,
Dear teacher, you lifted me to the agleam.


Dear Teacher, you taught me a lot,
I learnt that drop by drop water fills the pot.
You motivated us,
You helped us,
You inspired us,
You told us what we are,
So we can shine like a bright star
We are thankful to you
Never seen a person like you

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