I love someone like me

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Deep inside me there is internal bleeding,
There are wounds which I feel never heal,
All blood is flowing inside as I am needing,
A true love that I want in real which I am still searching.
I am waiting for my love to come,
Then I see you who can hold my hand that makes me numb,
I see that man in you whom I was longing for,
Only for you I can say ‘I love someone who is just like me’ who can take me to shore.


I love someone like me
And these are the highlights of past lives –
Friendship and love have been resurrected…
All this was granted by heaven,
So that the native souls meet again.
And they would never have parted,
Combining love in our hearts,
We enjoyed the kinship of unity


I love someone like me
wild and free
patching everyone’s shredded tapestries
giving ’em a touch of glee.
who loves stormy nights
our souls together shining bright
when a shooting star spreads light
in the sky on dark nights.



I love someone who lives in her own skin,
Wears her identity like a tailor-made suit,
Knows her place and rules her own world,
She is razor-sharp smart and fiercely astute.
I love her intellectual curiosity and artistry,
Her open empathy and emotional maturity,
The lack of apologies for the life she leads,
I love someone like me .. all I aspire to be.


I love someone like me who’s in my dreams.
She’s my unmuted voice.
She’s witty and bright to speak her mind. She’s not a hypocrite.
Not afraid of judgements, she laughs without fear.
She gives back the world exactly what she receives.
She’s got the spine to hit back and be fine.
She’s not afraid when things go wrong
She know, she will set them right.



Looking at my reflection,
In askance I chide myself..
What am I worth…
What do I deserve?
Loving, caring, warm,
Clearly a superb being
I love someone like me
Fact is, that’s my asset!


I love someone like me 
Aren’t my choices suppose to be free, 
Isn’t it a democracy?
How can you be a part of such idiocrasy? 
I love someone  like me 
Not a matter of shame you see
How can love be a sin?
Isn’t that’s what makes the earth spin?


She smiles like I do when a rainbow paints up the grey sky
Like the bright blues flickering beneath all the grey…
She frowns when a butterfly settles on her maple colored hair
She jumps up shaking her head and all that glistens is the silk in her hair.
She wears a pout in every captured photo, I compensate for the smile
To complement the image, placing my hand over her slender shoulder.
As slender as mine…
‘Cos I love someone like me!


I love someone like me,
no care of gender caste or creed,
someone to hold me and understand,
that there’s none more worthy,
than two who together stand,
to vibe though storm or hellfire,
to unite in body and mind,
though hell should bar their way.


She stood by the bookshelf, my favourite book in hand.
My attention now entirely, in her command.
It’s like I knew her from another life
Our souls in perfect sync forgetting all strife.

“Do I know you?” she asked with the most gorgeous smile.
I was mesmerized there, just for a while.
And in that moment, realization set me free
Indeed! I love someone like me.



Have you ever heard of the term, ‘I am my own favorite’?
Well, that is me and Boy! do I savor it.
I bond with people who are just like me,
From introverts and hypocrites, I tend to flee!
Give me an extrovert, open minded and a laughing face,
In a split of a second, with them I will touch base!
As I love myself, so do I love someone like me,
With them beside me, I can go through life buzzing happily like a bee.


I never knew that I was in love,
Till I met him, you see.
His eyes, so dreamy, yet active,
His mind, racing against thoughts plenty.
I fell for that chirpy yet innocent soul,
As I felt that I had found myself.
I love someone just like me,
Is it him or, my soul, that i couldn’t see.


Today the waking Sun in me yearns for love
Hoping to find it in everyday people;
I travel the Universe seeking the mystical field
A field for my heart, flourishing Life’s portal.
I suffer from philophobia yet I crave Love
Like thread in nakedness and luxury of paints
As sweet scenting fragrance in thrills of creativity
In art and regalia while I love someone like me.



I love someone like me,
who loves to be loved,
beyond all the social theories.
She oozes her daily smile
far behind through the shoulders.
The classic Romeo and Juliet
stood apart as stunned and
the Juliet and Juliet float on cloud nine now!


I love someone like me
To my face, she brings a glee
Different is our bond
Of her I am fond
She always allays my fears
And wipes my tears
She gives me strength
To protect me, she goes to any length
Our LESBIAN relation, I flaunt
Now, I don’t care about the world’s validation or taunt


I love someone like me,
Who knows how to have
To love wholesome,
Lined with compassion,
Trimmed with kindness
Spirit of humility,
Love like there’s no tomorrow,
Wholesome, wholeheartedly,
All the way!


He is so cute, innocent like kids,
Make the moments with his skills
Little arrogant, but trustworthy,
More insecure, but fearless buddy,
I love someone just like me.
Unable to express his feelings
Truly liking in the heart
But never comes out in the talk.

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