Book Release: Mrs. Rosewood

Mrs. Rosewood  is a compilation of the winning stories from the Mrs. Rosewood contest organized by WriteFluence in June 2021. The book consists of short stories selected from 82 submissions that had been received from all over the world for the contest.

Here’s what our jury Amanda Schmidt had to say about the stories:

Sketching a character in words and bringing it alive in a short story is a tough challenge. I may have read almost a hundred of those submissions and selecting just a few was the challenge that WriteFluence hurled upon me. So indeed, the stories in this book are the finest amongst the other equally competent participants. It was a task to select top 3 because I ended up with a 10/10 for almost all of the ones selected here. Hats off to all the writers and their imaginations that have developed several Mrs. Rosewoods so beautifully with their stories. Wishing all the bright writers and WriteFluence the best in all future endeavors!”

Authors in this book:

Aparna Arvind, Ektaa Rupani, Fiona Ballard, Geeta Nair, Harriett Ford, Linda Hibbin, Prakhar Patidar, Ramya V., Rashmi Navada, Rasya Krishnan, Rohan Swamy, Santhini Govindan, Sohini Roy, Sneha Acharekar, Suveera Bellary Kusnur, Udita Mukherjee, Utkarsh Kumar, Vaijayanti Panchal, Vaishali Chandorkar Chitale, Vignesh Sivasankar and Vishaal Pathak


Mrs. Rosewood is now available for purchase in the paperback format on Notionpress (India) and Flipkart; and available to download on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited (worldwide)

The paperback is now also internationally available for purchase on worldwide.

Grab your copy now!

Here’s a glimpse of the book on Kindle:

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