Book Release: Standstill

Standstill is a collection of winning sonnets written by the winners of our Sonnetto and Augustanza contest, 2021 and were selected out of a total of 184 submissions received for both the contests together. 

Authors in this book:

Afreen Shanavas, Aneesha Shewani, Charu Gandhi, Daisy Bala, Debashree Basak, Deepak Amembal, Diya Desai, Geeta Nair, Indrani Chowdhury, Jennifer Jefreena R., Ketki Jalan, Kirti V, Lagnajita Paul, Meenal-Sonal Mathur, Moonmoon Chowdhury, Pamela Joy S. Baguisi, Prajna C., R. Devalin Deborah, Radnyi Mahadik, Ramya V., Reol Jose, Riya Sarkar, Ryan, Sangeeta Konwar, Shreyasi Datta Pal, Simran Singh Rathi, Smrita Chaudhury, Sneha Acharekar, Snehal Amembal, Sonali Ray, Suveera Bellary Kusnur, Uma Fenton, V Vidhya Prabha, Vaishali Chandorkar Chitale, Vandana Nadar, Vini Kunhappan, Vishaal Pathak, Vishakha Vartak and Vishva Desai


Standstill is now available for purchase in the paperback format on Notionpress (India), and Flipkart; and available to download on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

The paperback is also internationally available for purchase on worldwide. Click here

Grab your copy now!

Here’s a glimpse of the book on Kindle:

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  1. Congratulations to all writers and poets. Thank you WriteFluence for this platform.

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