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Upon the equilibrium of Life  
Stands the Yin & Yang alight   
Mind and heart embrace the light  
To balance the chaos of Life   
Give and take to glow and grow  
Tolerance is a masters show  
Respect that no one is superior   
Accepting differences, Egos clear.


Stand still absolutely still, feet together.
Walk in a straight line, one foot in front of the other.
Walk sideways, backwards, on your toes, on your heels.
The doctors instructions continue to haunt me.

I feel like I am old or perhaps a drunk put to test.
Balance was my forte , wasn’t it?
Now, it’s at the mercy of a powerful force.
Beat it? I will! For I have an ally in gravity.


In deep corners
of the mind
people searching for
peace and harmony
secreted behind locked doors.
they be allowed
some semblance of balance in their life
to embrace every mountain peak they climb.
symmetry between body heart and mind
without boundaries, perfect balance to coexist in serenity


Life is a bittersweet journey
With highs and lows, ebbs and flows
Dualities of life go hand in hand
Pleasure and pain, joys and sorrows
Calmness and chaos, Health and disease
Let balance be your constant companion
As it pacifies the unrest
Asset of a balanced mind can pay highest dividends
Of contentment and satisfaction.
Maintaining balance in adversities
Is the true test of your forbearance and patience.


Unpredictable this life be,
Seldom joyous,
At times gloomy,
Stability it seeks to eternity.
Neither too much,
Nor too little,
Creating the equilibrium that’s much needed,
To strike the perfect balance to welcome solace.


Complicated it is to find the balance between mind and heart
One wrong move and everything will fall apart
Both would be right in their place
The conundrum is whom to embrace
Always caught in this tug of war
Peace is what one ultimately craves for
A wise thing would be to listen to both
Befriend them, combine their ideas for growth


My hearts speaks to the forlorn silences
of the remoteness of the night.
Questioning myself, answering for you too…
Wondering about how I let you
push me back in the same lanes
from where I had gathered over the years
the shattered pieces of my heart.
As you walk away even more brutally
Throwing me off the balance that I thought I had regained.



In life akin to Yin and yang,
activity balances dark passivity
to restore health and harmony,
Society finds odd in calm, Nature in disorder.
Minds beset with trauma, calm,
with birth and death around,
Balance uplifts the turbulence,
toppling our souls aground.


She’s poetry standing tall like the statue of liberty,
Crisp, fabulous, magical and alluring
With her sight, smell and taste, oh, she uses the balanced imagery,
Beautifying hers and other’s life by her quality of multitasking!
She’s drenched in deep emotions and uses the vocabulary carefully,
To enchant everyone as she empowers herself with unique figurative language properly.
Like poetry, a woman encompasses an entire universe in her veins
Balancing hers and other’s life with her myriads of hues!


What are the odds in just one more why?
The increase we get land in complains
Yet we justify our words with our thoughts
Taking turns in subscribing for grace
Tomorrow wakes to channel the dreamer within
Seats of mercy are made for us by the chairbler
To give us balance in words and deeds
Today without delay in wants and needs.



Balance your thoughts to bring balance in your life,
Do this often to keep life free of strife.
Days will be high; days will be low,
But you accept everything with dignity and a bow.
Pray to God to make you strong as steel,
So that come any sadness and you don’t feel.
Balance your thoughts to bring balance in your life,
Do this often to keep life free of strife.


and only if we had
learned to balance our emotions
i think maybe there might
not be any sins on this globe.
the round planet, made
everyone’s life a circle
having no one’s back
cause/as here there’s no one who understands.


The balance of my mind
Depends on the emotions
That articulate their way
Into the stream of my thoughts
Leading me like a puppet
Venting my energy into actions
Connecting all the dots
Laying out my life…



I saw the fury in her eyes,
balancing her courtesy and resentment.
And I remained silent,
trying to balance my dread and shame.
Probed the clock, time after time
until I spotted him somewhere near;
cheered when her face gleamed in relief
and I handed her the ‘balance penny!’


Life is all about balancing the highs with the lows,
And facing all the curved balls that destiny towards us throws.
Happiness and sorrow are two sides of a coin,
We have to accept one with the other for the dots to join.
Be prepared to nose dive if soaring too high,
Remember, a kite also crash lands after touching the sky!
Too much of one thing is a sure shot way to upset the apple cart,
It unbalances our life and derails the journey before it even starts.


𝘽alance, they say, it’s
𝘼bout striking the right balance in
𝙇ife, at work,
𝘼nd with people
𝙉ever let one take over the
𝘾harm of the other, just
𝙀stablish and maintain a good BALANCE.


Can’t balance myself,
Slippery, wet ground
Under my feet.
Opening wings,
They come out
Too late.
I fall headfirst
Into deep despair.


Although yoga is an age-old concept,
I am taking ages to attain nirvana,
as I keep losing my wretched balance,
every time I try a difficult asana.
When I tried mastering the Sirsasana,
which is certainty an involuted pose,
instead of pointing my toes up in the air,
I shoved them in my yoga teacher’s nose.



Sometimes this thought hovers my idle mind if maintaining balance is always a positive sign?
So what, if one loses control for a while, and go astray!
Will it be so bad to fall prey to those imaginative enemies that reside in fear and false pride?
And for a change check with delight that you have the power to take them in stride and put them aside
That they were daunting only till you apprised yourself that sometimes imperfections can create more a sense of balance than otherwise?
Why not just once choose a path not so tested or tried and gain success or failure like a slice of life for this might turn into a new equilibrium guide….


The Cairn balances on each rock.
Every rock comes with a set of flaws.
Yet, the beauty of the rocks are portrayed well.
Everyone has a set of flaws.
Some of us accept them well.
After all , life is all about seeing the whole picture.
Acceptance makes us a better soul.
Highlighting, our real image lets continue with the act of balance on the whole.


Balance is the key to every success,
Whatever we do, think, say, feel, eat and possess.
Life is a balance of work, sleep and play,
Nature too is a constant balance of night and day.
Balance creates merriment in life,
It induces hopes in our eyes.
When there is imbalance, causes disaster
Balance theory is the solution to become master.

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