Time doesn’t move here

Well… time just didn’t move for us efficiently this week and the results on this one got delayed. Nevertheless, we’re here with the best collection written by you on this prompt!

As long as you were
i was.
Now just in my memories
i come alive.
Like that shadow
just flickers.
Time doesn’t move here
It’s beautiful mother
It’s forever…

NOTE: This prompt was inspired by a touching poem written by Late Sushant Singh Rajput

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My life started with fair
but ended up entrapped in a sphere,
Free me up, free me up , I shout;
I should fly away I wished,
Wolfs are my guards,
They grinned in hunger when I tried to escape,
Bats flyover to keep me in fear,
Rats are harmless but they became his prey,
Time doesn’t move here,
Days and nights are still imprisoned in darkness,
The spider weaves spontaneously in one place,
I sleep and awake in melancholy.


It was a city of dead.
The souls repent on guilt.
Why did we walk that path?
Wasn’t God with us?
Reeling and recoiling, they wait eternally,
They wait for a messiah,
“Time doesn’t move here”, Someone said.
You need to rise from the ashes,
Be the master of your destiny.
Break the shackles of your mental chains.
Open your eyes to see the light.
Your will to change, will move the time.


Engulfed in the throes of the amplifying heartbeat
Strangulated by panic rising by the multifold
I hit rock bottom and tried to make the retreat
The egress only taking me closer to the scaffold…
I wandered in the darkness, lost in my scuffle
The fight not with the world but my vain self
Struggling to maketh the ideals too austere
Realization struck, time doesn’t move here
I made up my mind to pull up my socks
My personality turning into its paradox
Battle with anxiety neurosis no longer endless
I was the phoenix rising from the ashes!


Everyone has reset the pace of their lives
Upset and depressed at the things not moving
At their desired pace
Everything seemed dark, dull and still
Even time doesn’t move here
The clock hands were stuck
As if fastened by a string
No sign of life
It was the city of spirits.


Time doesn’t move here
Lifeless as a corpse she lay
Sanctity of love mutilated
Poison of betrayal seeped into her love nest
Her heavenly abode now a barren land
The dying sparkle in her eyes now yearns for solace.


In the creed of life I lift lost times out of holes
These times make heroes of days
I learn the majors in mazes of maxes
I explore the maths of matrices.
Every hold in my soul knows the Portal’s path
Yet to hold life keeping the days tender
Bringing time where time does not move
This is what I profess after finding my way
In force of faith, hope and resilience
O the care for change I give breaks me
To find time doesn’t move here.


Time doesn’t move here
It stays almost still
Crawling, panting and
Sometimes almost dead
Sometimes a little alive
Yet does not give up still
It waits for none
Master of its own!
Teaches each to respect him
With all its flaws and misgivings


Time doesn’t move here
What moves
Are the emotions
That mould
The character
Of the protagonist
And the villain alike


Your resounding resilience
in the face of infinite imperfections
shatters the optical illusion
of my desire
for perfecting perfection,
as we have woken up
together in hell,
only to realize,
time does not move here…


Time doesn’t move here,
in the circle of your arms.
Every feeling comes alive,
like abstracts grasping their way into reality.
Heartbeats stutter and stumble,
on this charge so static, so electric.
Overwhelming yet subduing,
time has no say here,
in this realm created of our embrace.


On a hill beyond the Scottish lake,
stands a splendid castle of yore,
within it’s hallowed halls you will perceive,
that time dosen’t move here anymore.
The towers of the castle bear testimony,
to tales of galant knights on silver steeds,
the ghosts of the castle shall whisper,
of the glories of aristocrats and their deeds.


time doesn’t move here
as it should be,quickly
without letting anyone
realise.it seems like i’m
paralyzed by it.
yet it isn’t causing me no harm.
sitting quietly with the
chaos and echoes in the background.
for my mind it’s all
just an illusion now.


A bond made on heart is timeless 
A bond made by blood is merciless 
Deep from the realm of death  
The scent of love keeps its track 
Written upon memories with love 
Nostalgia growl at hearts miserable  
People depart from this world  
Those left behind feel the curve  
Of bending pain and tales of pain 
Either it’s sanity or going insane 
Hearts whisper time doesn’t move here  
We are all bound in memories here.


Time does not move here
Forward I am unable to steer
Seeing it still
Gives me chills
But, an important lesson it has taught
Pay attention to your thoughts
Patience I have acquired
Accepted that everything will not happen as per my desires


Time doesn’t move here
but your sweet betrayal
has shattered my soul
so brutally that my
heart beat has stopped
for forever but now
time is moving on but my
World has stopped for forever now


Your silence, broke us into pieces,
Your smile is now the answer we needed,
Your sudden demise,
Still aces more like a earthquake to me,
I cannot even imagine,
The guy who always brought smile,
Is no longer alive in this beautiful,
Sushi you are missed,
For the way you lived,
And how you were agile to make the change,
Your thought of being a person!


The paradise where we intensely cuddle,
And for that of pillows that full of jealousy;
We never use it for the melancholic muffle,
But O love, we existed for the lust of delicacy.
Ah! The white clouds carve us rain on them,
On which we might have drained ourselves;
Those strangled hairs are like the mayhem,
Where we locked ourselves in our arm shelves.
When those droplets graze my twilight body,
Each faded kiss moves behind your pale ear;
Perhaps, lust is not destined to be shoddy,
Oh, my dear love, time doesn’t move here.


Time does not move here and we only can stand and stare completely helpless and terribly scared for howsoever it may be unfair and we may very sincerely care but the inevitable will happen for, in this game of destiny no one will be spared. We humans must remember that all we are allowed to share are some moments together lest we be otherwise aware!


Time doesn’t move here
Standing in a graveyard one must opt for complete silence
For amongst the you and grace is the the time ;it doesn’t move here
Instead it moves fast when you interact with life
Anxiously waiting for your results in your high school or intermediate
Time doesn’t move here
Nevertheless it runs fast when the days of examination approaches
Much awaited Your first salary or your first income ; time doesn’t move here
Instead it moves faster when you start spending them
The knock of the arrival of your lil bundle of joy;time doesn’t move here
Instead it runs after the birth of your little one
They grow up too fast you know
Yes assuredly time doesn’t move fast when you are whole heartedly waiting for the best things to happen
Times move fast when good things start happening
Let’s hope for the good things to happen for everyone…

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