A Goodbye Note

We thought that things are always gone in the same way but it’s not true everything changes with time.

All things are planned in advance, be it meeting someone or leaving the dear one.

When she looked back into her life, there was the day when she met a rude guy. At first he look so irritating. So she tried to avoid him as much as she can. But fate always present him in every corner of her journey.

After passing days, months and years, she slowly understand that his rude behavior is just the outside covering which is protected a soft, honest and caring heart. But she was unable to convinced him that she understands him.

Their roller coaster relationship of lots of fights, argument and teasing became more deep. But before they accept each other’s real feelings, one of them, the girl had to leave the place. She had to move to different destination.

And the most hardest moment in everyone’s life, yes the good bye moment also came in her life. She wishes to talk a little more, spend time with him a little more. Brew little more beautiful memories with him but it feels like time run as fast as it can. She just place all her feelings on the paper with a Good Bye Note, not filled with words but with her emotions which she was unable to express through out.

May be he will understand that she truly care for him with this Note.

“Hi ! Dearie,

Here I am sharing what I feel for you.

I know there is some special element in you, which always make me tilt towards you, even of your harsh behavior. You are little rude with me but as I observed you are kind to everyone. In the outside hard covering you have a soft, delicate and caring heart, which can melt easily.

You are the one with whom I can share every secret of my life. Be it good or bad.No one can replace your place in my heart. You are the best person thats why I called you bestie. I wish to see you always by my side. And I am always there for you.

Take care of yourself.

May your charm continue to glow like that. See you soon.

Your Bestie.”

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