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The colorful leaves in foyer embrace the ground to welcome,
Oh! It’s October month, the onset of the season Autumn.
For me it was difficult to get along with this season with ease,
But gradually I have started loving its breeze.
I now admire the beauty of trees during the fall,
Though they are all set to shed the leaves, yet so colorful and strong they stand tall.
This is the time when festivals are around the corner,
I look forward to the celebrations and get together.
This is the month that also marks my birthday,
With each passing year I learn to keep negativity at the bay.


I was green and youthful once
Blooming and fluttering  upon the branches of the tree
Under cerulean skies, I witnessed sunshine and rain
A gust of wind brought me to the mother’s lap
No more I am green and bright, lost my sheen
Ochre to amber, I lay trampled
Beneath my parent tree, above hazy grey skies
Another whiff of air, carried me to far off land
In the mysterious place, I was lost
Nestled in the lap of Mother Earth
The ultimate truth of life
We all should learn to imbibe.


There’s something about October
that melts your heart a little…
It’s nature
unyielding its mystical grandeur,
It’s the winds
that whistle and rustle and sigh,
It’s the leaves
that glow like fire torches and bloom like flowers…
There’s something about October
that melts your heart a little…
For it’s a message
That there’s beauty in letting go
and beauty in being reborn.



My dreams painted in sepia hues,
With tints of crimson and scarlet too.
Warm mellow sunlight,
Shines on the memories of life,
A panoply of souvenirs,
In shades of russet and amber,
Creates delicate sunny ripples,
In the deep blue ocean of my eyes.
Shiuli flowers embellished with pearly dewdrops,
An ethereal fragrance of my beloved,
Her love I yearn for.


‘Tis the month of October,
O’er ripened leaves- in myriad shades of  red, orange and yellow rustle with delight,
They colorfully twirl and sway along with the crisp fall air,
Welcoming the season of autumn…
They perform an ecstatic dance as the grand finale – a feast to all our eyes,
Until they unregretfully crumble down to the earth,
Brown and brittle- they rest in peace,  
to peacefully complete the circle of life.


Ushering the colourful hues of green, red, brown and ochre, October arrived with occult powers.
It welcomed the west wind to spread colour and blow away the decaying thoughts.
October knows, you will become sombre, mourning under a white shroud.
But, you’ll remember the beauty and vivid colours of nature to rise again
You’ll sprout and grow, looking up to a mighty tree touching the cerulean blue
October will arrive again with its magic wand,
Don’t be afraid, just enjoy the myraid shades of Autumn clan.
You just need to gain strength and understand.
There’s life that blooms after every gloom.
Stand tall, sway with nature and dance.


Green has turned yellow and orange
The air rushes from snow tops
The trails lie buried brown and crinkled!
Opportunities availed,
Opportunities lost;
Opportunities lying withheld!
The times I recall, gurgled with merry laughter
Had at first changed to a whimsical banter
Lately it bends and yawns to a deepening silence!
Watching the world pass by-
I prepare for winter without a cry,
Cause to meet God – allow me to die!


The month of festivities begin with start of October
A month to celebrate Women
She is considered to be precious and given immense respect
Dandiya, and Raas reverberates in streets
Heart dances to the tunes of disco and dhol beats
Ram kills Ravana on Dussehra
Signifying that we too should kill the dead and unwanted emotions which burn us
Declutter and cleaning of home is done for Diwali
Let us too start the New year with vibrant dreams, immense hope and positivity.


October harbors in both the Autumn and the Spring,
Earth is changing and does its monochrome color fling.
Leaves in the North, turn orange and dusty pinks,
And in down South, colorful boughs in the sunlight wink!
Copper glazed leaves, floating down the trees,
Reds and yellows rustling in the breeze;
The fall season colors the Earth in bright hues,
This picturesque scene is an artist’s muse.
Bright hued flowers bring cheer in the air,
White tufts of clouds in the azure blue skies add a dash of flair!
Trees bow down by the weight of their blooms,
Yes, October – the tenth month of the year, with its play of colors rids us of our gloom.


In the womb of Fire I set to touch sparks
Far from all I could admit
The face of every soul narrates October a legend
Beyond being brave in spectacular excitement
I find sweet cheers so greatly celebrate comfort
Around Earth’s sensual bosom I lay
Brewing my spirit to win all through October
Each day’s eloquence render me Nature’s answers
Pampering my mind to anticipate fruitful fulfillment
Gently October lays with me
Rising pretty each day.


Oh.. the blissful month of October
Adorned with leaves red, ochre and brown somber
The melodious murmurs of swirling leaves produce a soulful melody
Celebrating HER beauty, Mother Nature sings musical rhapsody
The soul hearing the melody, ears could not
Caressing my solitude with the ebullience SHE bought
Heralding a journey of spring, rejoice the canopies of flame
Albeit transient, HER beauty is worth a frame.
October- one of the most giving divine months
Anchoring mortal to eternal on all fronts!


Ochre attire with honey dew on grassy towers
Mellow hues and fragrance around us, shower
Dangling branches emerge with the nature of kind, matured ‘n wholehearted
Golden leaves tumble down to make crackly hued carpet; Nourishing the earth for rebirth,
The leaves glowing for a moment and show mirth.
Dreams and life; ebbing dim,
Still, hope’s filled with the sheer brim!


Autumn sets in ripening the leaves,
Festivities begin adorning the streets,
Some dance to the beats of dhak,
And some to the dandiya raas.
Back home, it’s a display of dolls
A treat to the eyes.
And the gastronomic cravings are set right,
With the savouries and sweet.
A month that celebrates woman,
In her roles so varied and diverse,
Always holds a space in my heart.



Meet me there, near the tree
That’s old and gives your hair some breeze
Meet me there, near the path thats free
Where orange leaves stay at freeze
Meet me near the lake, that hears your heart
For your hands will know the chill
Meet me near your house, when October starts
For the season of love is here to feel.


I didn’t even realize the year passing by since I heard your goodbye,
And here you stood before me, smiling so wide.

I hate you, your thirty-one days of existence.
I am no longer interested in your celebrations.
The Halloween you adore is a mere farce for me,
Now that I am the soul of a tragic play.
Celebrating my existence, another year away from myself.
With your arrival, every year I further wither away.


As October beckons, the leaves kiss our Mother Earth
Soon, they will take a new birth
Red, orange, yellow and gold; nature is painted in myriad hues
Fades away my blues
The autumn has a message for all
There will always be a rise after a fall
Graciously embrace the highs and low
Accept what comes in your path and go with the flow


Auburn dreams of cinnamon-spiced pumpkin pies
Fun hayrides in the countryside
A bonfire under the harvest moon

Shades of Crimson, gold, yellow and russet
Now rule my wardrobe as autumn goals

With Jack-o-lanterns flashing their crooked smiles
And Ghosts hanging upside down
My patio now is a spooky delight.


The tenth Month of beauty & love
Tender Opals of milky moonlight
Dreams of Venus upon throne of delight
Silver whispers of silken winds
Caressing the October’s chilling mists
Song of golden dreams lie
Upon the cloudy October sky
Written in melting pinky smiles
Are words of blossoming love that won’t die
Giggles of angels lace the blue sky
October sings love’s lullaby
Upon the winged melodies of joy


I love the month of October,
As It is my birthday month,
Month of change of season,
Neither hot, not cooler,
We can enjoy the outing
As its comfortable outside,
To wear a makeup, pretty dress,
Enjoy the food with the loved ones.


My hometown in Kerala,
Perfect for tours in October,
Serene, calm, naturally green,
After monsoon showers,
Backwaters are an attraction,
Beaches magnet to multitudes,
Malayalam is the official tongue,
Cotton attire, an essential,
Pleasing weather, welcoming people,
It’s also called ‘God’s own Country’!



We are not just terrified
To look into the eyes of the sacrificed?
My worries are growing,
But what I can’t find
I don’t let it fool me.
I took my wings in vain,
For you are free, but I am a handmaid.
And freedom is an October leaf…


When the heatwave has died
Monsoons have dried
When the greens rustle and whisper new songs
There one feels a sweet calm
Early morning, I find them resting in my lawns
the fresh dew drops on the grass
The air speaks of many dawns
when laughter, cheer float around and the melody of drums roll sound
The beginning of festivities, making hearts pound with sharing of new bonds
For in October, this and much more is found.

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