I’ll take care of myself

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to raise awareness about the impact of breast cancer. Join us to make that promise for our loved ones that we’ll take care of ourselves.

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I pledge to take care of myself

When I’m running around like a headless chicken
And the day just rushes by
When the needs of others trample mine
And all I do is sigh
When I’ve forgotten to have my dinner
And feel that eating’s a chore
When the time seems to be slipping by
And all I want is more
My health should be my priority
It cannot be ignored so
I can’t pour from an empty cup
Rest, nourish, grow


I will take care of myself for I refuse the bow,
It’s never late to begin starting now.
Difficult times and Difficult days,
Follow me throughout my way,
I make sure I fight it each day with a new play.
Cancer is scary, so is going away,
But the smiles and care are worth the stay.
What wrecked my flesh won’t do my mind,
For I know my brave tears are what a knight finds.
Hope are the feathers tracing my wings,
Soon on my victory there’ll be bells that rings.
Conquering the pains nor falling prey,
Will be motto even on my last day.
Although each day is disrupted by fate,
I will hold on to calm and put chaos to rest.
I will take care of myself to endure it all,
For the smiles of my dear ones are my cure.


When I see my dear ones around me,
As happy and carefree as they can be,
I promise myself that I will not give up,
And will beat this cancer on its own turf.

I will not be a mere survivor but a conquerer,
I will be known to all as a cancer warrior!
I will beat this disease at its own game,
I will not let it my well being claim!

I will take care of myself, not only for my loved ones but also for me;
Our life’s precious and good health is the key!
I will live every moment as God intended us to be,
And savour my time on Earth with my family!


Most my life was told to look after others,
Feed them,nurse them,
About me no one bothers,
Guide them, elighten them,
It’s my job to keep them together,
Its always about Their time,their hobby,their hunger,their health,
But me only when it’s prosperity and wealth,
Lost my name and somewhere my identity,
In this inhuman tasks of insanity,
My reflection is a mirage of reality ,
Now for my own sanctity,
I dare to love thyself,
And pledge “I will take care of myself”


I will take care of myself
Not tomorrow but now and today
Not giving excuses to procrastinate
Giving myself a chance to conquer
cancer and not falling prey

For I make a promise to forever stay
Alert, aware and awake
to kill or abate at the earliest
Because I wouldn’t leave it to fate
And will be responsible for my own state, never letting the investigations await as I know what would it cost to be late. Not only my life but the happiness of those with whom I would create sweeter memories in healthy state.


Readily available for everyone
From the crack of the dawn to evening, I run
Family’s health and fitness has been my priority
So on them, I always exert authority
But, in every day’s hustle and bustle, my well-being I often neglect
Taking stress is slowly displaying its effect
With cancer hereditary in my family, I have realized I ought to be vigilant
Focusing on my health is something I should implement
To cancer, I do not want to fall prey
May no one is a victim of this deadly disease is what I pray
I vow to take care of my health
Because it is my only wealth



It’s somewhere inbuilt or insert in her
That she is meant to serve others
Be they are her own or others
While playing her unique role,
She forgets, she too need self attention,
Awareness about the changes in body
That take place are not out of reason
Self screen herself regularly,
Be it simple lumps, knots or painful skin
Observe for few days
If didn’t disappear just visit the gynaecologist


II promise to take care of myself
Because I know,
God help those who help themselves.
If you are a woman, you are the axis of your family.
If you are hale n hearty then your family is blessed and happy.
If you are a mother; Always remember,
If you are hungry, your breast feeding child will not get healthy feed.
You are the best caregiver only if you care for your health and be fine for others.
You are the main artery, your slightest doubt, a sneeze or an infectious bout will percolate down to others.
Face the bitter truth, it’s your body, you are its queen, you will enjoy its win and bear the pain of its losses.
Promise to take care of yourself because you are important.
If don’t live then what was all the fuss, sacrifice about.

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