Under the dark wings of the sky

Halloween is just around the corner. So we asked our WriteFluencers to write a poetry on this prompt. Halloween this year is indeed special. Why, did you ask? Most of us are gonna cuddle up with Spookoween this Halloween and give ourselves some sleepless nights over the stories written by our winning writers. If you haven’t already… go grab your copy of Spookoween from Amazon.com or Flipkart rightaway. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to read a few pages from the book right here!

Here are the winners of the last weekly contest. (Top Three first)

Congratulations to all the winners and a sincere thank you to all the participants!


Under the dark wings of the night,
my inner demons take flight,
I could be a psycho with a knife,
who could deftly end your life,
or a wicked sorceress who’d cast a spell,
and turn you into a warty toad from a well,
I could be a bloodthirsty vampire,
who could lead you to your funeral pyre,
but I choose to be all these characters and more,
when I write fiction full of horror and gore,
and the inky nights give birth to my best tales,
comprising of spine-chilling details.


It is a streaming rushing moment
While the moon, stars and spirits are witnesses,
Under the dark wings of the night
Frightened beyond tears and screams.
A beautiful life we dream in patches of sorrows,
While storms and dark clouds point at us.
We bend for breath at brims of superstitions
Swinging pregnant phobias within our young hearts
In favor and mercy we pant on spending time
Hoping royal carpets refuse us slaves of our wits
Under the dark wings of the night.


Under the dark wings of the night
The world celebrates the Halloween eve
The wind brought the violet clouds
The twinkling stars in the moonless sky
Played hide and seek to claim the night
The witches, sorcerers and ghosts zoomed on their brooms
Looking for the bright eyed pumpkins and green delights
Trick or treat, they gathered the cookies and sweets
Adorning the monstrous dresses, they busted the horror myths
If you have faith in God then you must believe in the devil
The evil lies in us, you just need to deal with it.
Celebrate dark to appreciate the light within.
Happy Halloween!


Under the dark wings of the night,
When the full moon is at sight,
Bats spread their wings and take a flight,
Howls of wolves gives you fright,
Creaking twigs in the quite,
Gives you creeps and you hide,
Only with a protection of a torch light,
Under the bed you slide,
As a shadow on your window glides,
the door of bedroom opens wide,
Invisible foot steps approach at your bedside,
Only screams heard as you vanish into the night.


Under the dark wings of the night,
Fly Halloween ghosts and witches alike.
On that night they hover on the streets,
To scare the neighborhood and gobble up their treats.
Jack-o-lanterns and lighted bonfires don’t scare them away,
This is their day and they will have their way!
They know this is their last chance to wreak vengeance and make people pay,
As all the dead spirits will be ineffective from the ‘All Saints Day’.
Seeing people lay out food and cakes in offering to appease them,
They laugh and get ready to unleash their mayhem.
But when they see the children enjoying the night,
They turn and float away, rather than make them shriek in genuine fright!


Under the dark wings of the night, I found you.
You taught me under the shadows courage is brewed.
I witnessed your shadow fighting with darker shadows creeping around you.
The spooky, spectral sounds buffer your feet.
Standing alone dauntlessly you couldn’t resist.
In the cauldron of conjurer under the eclipsed moon
you seethe the shadow orbs into the radiant meadows.
Under the dark wings of the night.
I have learnt from you to see the iridescent northern lights.


Under the dark wings
Of the night
My dreams come alive
And solutions appear
And problems disappear.
Life is once again livable
Just the way I want it.

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