Hashtag, Not A Phase

Before the book launch of Hashtag, Not A Phase began the poetry contest. We asked our writers to frame a poem on the prompt and received some beautiful entries.

Here are the winners of the last weekly contest. (Top Three first)

Congratulations to all the winners and a sincere thank you to all the participants!

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Hashtag, Not A Phase is a compilation of the winning stories from the LGBTQ Romance / Betrayal short story contest organized by WriteFluence in July-August 2021. The book is now available for purchase in the paperback format, and on Kindle. The book is available for a free download with the Kindle Unlimited subscription.


The nights do not stop the day
And the days continue into the night.
Medications on the eyes
And the tears of mercury
Wrote on my shoulder
“Hashtag, not a phase.”
I learned to endure,
But I couldn’t stand
The shame of not being well
When you had to be like that.


I am a woman of substance
I bag awards for my work with elan
I will not cow down to the pressure
You find me mean, stoic and bitchy
Isn’t it what you say to all the busy bees?
Funny, my attitude is my friend and enemy too
My love, my anger, my jubilations, my frustrations
All are judged and discussed.
I have worked hard, crossed barriers
I shall live my life on my rules
My success is hashtag not a phase,
I am here to stay and rule.


You rely on the comfort of phases.
When life events seem out of control,
You hope they will soon disappear.
Many do but some others don’t.
They eat into your life much like a hungry dog gnawing at a bone
And just when you are brave enough to confront them
Someone says “oh this too shall pass”.
It upsets you because you know it won’t.
“Wake up!” You want to shout,
“Don’t live in denial, darling!”
Or to phrase it the language of social media, “Hashtag, Not A Phase”.


Hashtag its not a phase,
Depression in not something that shall pass as a phase,
Its years of turmoil,
Within embroiled,
No its not being mad,
But the truth is far beyond and sad,
Lack of awareness, is the root cause,
World doesn’t care and nobody stops or pause,
For you its just a phase,
But someone is phasing out behind that happy face.


Love it cannot be erased,
No Mom I’m not in a phase.
Nor do I seek attention,
Or whom I love shouldn’t be a question.
I was born with a lie,
Won’t live with it.
Chose Six colours instead of one blue or pink.
I’m not a moon that has many phases,
Or the year with different seasons,
I’m just me,
So let me whirl and be free.
Accept my love,
It’s not very tough.
Different mind and body might be a trap,
But just listen to me and ignore all the hate crap.
I’m just me,
I’m just me,
“Hashtag, Not a Phase”
Remember that with glee.


Hashtag not a phase
Its my dream I need to chase,
My dream,desires opinions are always a secondary case,
My aspirations ,my ambition are always considered less,
Picking up the pieces of life, such a mess,
Trying to free myself the from the shackles,
Of my own insecurities and under-confidence with which my mind tackles,
I know i will make my mark,
Like the noahs arc,
In their minds, I will be alive,
For generation to live.

Hashtag, not a phase
All I crave is a little praise
The truth stings me
Depression has taken away my glee
Shackled by it, my life is a mess
I am afraid to express
Lack of self confidence is what every moment my brain has to tackle
My issues raise hackles
I am working hard to come out of the abyss
The day I can conquer all my demons, it would be a bliss.


Fascinated with her jhumkas,
Delighted seeing her bindis,
The round golden nose rings,
Kept me awestruck within her beauty,
My bewitching eyes captured your smile,
Haahtag is not a phase between us
Those heartbreaking taunts of commoners,
Sliced our emotions into pieces,
Though we kept penning our love story,
With ink of red and golden,
Enjoyed the days of first love,
Until tonight when we became one forever.


Love is love , it just happens,
Uncontrolled, passionate and not only between Eves and Adams.
It cannot be explained for whom your heart will sing,
It’s love , it can in either way swing.
Colorful and rainbow hued, it brings cheer in lives,
Loneliness and insecurity it far away drives.
Accepting one’s inclination is half the battle won,
You find your soulmate and your love story is spun.
It’s delicate nuances have to be understood, so let’s cut to the chase,
Gay romance is hashtag, not a phase.


The nights are like heavy rainfalls
Shielded by warm cozy shawls ,
Hiding behind these closed walls .
The nights are more comfortable than the daylight
Cause it’s easy to hide behind the dark
Overthinking everything throughout midnight until i saw the sun creeping through my window.
I’m so distant from the rays of hope
Gravitating towards the darkness
Driving down the unsteady slope.
The moon doesn’t shine in my eyes
Left with no more lies To tell,
I’ve heard a lot everyday
I have consequences to pay .
Yet another day gone with a battle that I lost ,
Tired of all the pain , non ending path that I just walked .
Hunted by demons of my fears
When ask for help I don’t where everyone disappears
The clouds in my heart , don’t cry out in sorrows
No life in left in the garden full of flowers


‘Hashtag’s not a phase’
And all I did was just chase
But now, you haunt me in a dream of wild delight,
And here the hidden wantings meld into the night
For something’s too real in this mad bliss,
This ephemeral and unnatural submiss
The world, without, is no longer real,
Nor the sounds of Time or it’s humming wheel
The rain upon the pavement is now a whisper,
The crisp North wind, less crisper
But the skeletal grasses still cling to the ledge,
As it falls over me like the ragged edge.

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