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Diwali is the symbol of the victory of good over evil, of hope over despair and of knowledge over ignorance. There are many stories around the celebration of Diwali.

According to mythology, Lord Rama returned to the kingdom of Ayodhya with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman after he defeated the evil Ravana. Lord Ram returned after fourteen years of exile and his subjects had lit up the streets of Ayodhya with diyas to welcome the ruler.
Modern day Diwali is celebrated as the festival of lights with the perspective to invite positive energy in our lives. People decorate their houses with lights and colorful Rangoli designs. People clean their houses and several new items are purchased to decorate and beautify the house. Sweets such as laddus are prepared at home and are shared with family and friends. Devotees wake up early, have a bath with herbal oils and pray to Goddess Lakshmi. Lord Krishna is also worshipped on Naraka Chaturdashi or Choti Diwali, one day before Diwali, for defeating the demon Naraka. Govardhan Puja is observed on the fourth day of the five-days-long Diwali festival to honor of Lord Krishna and the festivities of Diwali culminate with Bhai-Dooj, the day where a brother-sister bond is celebrated.
Fun fact: Diwali night is considered the only auspicious New Moon night.

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Snehal Amembal’s poem is a complete picture of Diwali celebrated in India since eras. Read on!


Diwali conjures up memories of togetherness, laughter and light.
Diwali at home always commenced with “taela nhaan “, an oil bath signifying the advent of winter.
We light clay lamps all around the house, the wicks floating in oil, their iridescent radiance creating a warm glow.

Rangoli soon follows, the colours and designs still so fresh in my mind.
“Don’t forget the toran!” Mum’s voice floating towards us as we scramble atop a chair and adorn the door frame with an auspicious garland of orange marigolds and deep green mango leaves.

The time we’ve been waiting for is here! We almost attack the Diwali khaaan , goodies made specially for the festival.
Besan laddoos, shakkarparas, sonpapdi
Sev, chivda, chaklis, namakparas
We grab, we gorge, we delight in the happiness that this festival brings.

And when night descends, we are momentarily mesmerized by the fireworks;
Grateful for this day, its beauty, the light.


Igniting the light of the mind,
Dispel darkness of the soul,
That is the only way to capture,
The essence of the Festival of Light,
A calm and composed enlightenment,
Devoid of the cacophony of the firecrackers,
Releases unfathomable energy and glow,
Forcing through every exhausted, deprived or battered soul,
And, then, the real celebration commences.


The clouds that cover the sunshine,
They cannot banish the sun.
And the earth shines out the brighter
When the weary rain is done.
We too must stand in the deepest shadow
To see the clearest light
For often through one’s own darkness
Comes the living strength of light.
The flowers too must be buried in darkness
Before they can bud and bloom
And the sweetest, warmest sunshine
Always comes after the storm and gloom.


Shimmering coruscant brilliance
Bestwing a celestial effervescence
Celebrating my inner light
I try to connect with HIM
HIS love and blessings caresses each of us
With the divine chink of light it brings
Smeared with the joy of giving, I look up
Feeling the warmth of the resplendent cosmos
Garnished with prayers for well-being and prosperity for all.


Beam your glow like a firefly,
Showering lanterns in the charcoal sky,
Spread your widest wings,
Your wings will shimmer in the sky,
Be the light to embrace the darkness,
Let darkness know what is to ignite


A tiny ray of light,
Has the power to illuminate our path even on darkest night.
It’s radiance enlighten our lives,
Spreading myriad hues of happiness and the positivity thrives.
It gives us hope, abundant strength and power,
To grab innumerable opportunities and prosper.
This is the beauty of the festival called Diwali,
That spreads joy and fun of this festival is incredible when enjoyed with family.


Light of Life  
Burning Alive  
The glow of its rhythm 
So Sweetly rhymes  
Each day embraces 
A message divine  
Learning unlearning  
The Joy of Life  
Tears or fears  
Wrapped in clear  
Light of Life 
So close so near


This Diwali, be your light
Sparkle bright
Dispel the inundated gloom
It is time to celebrate and bloom
Let happiness reach every cell
And may all your fears quell
May God give you the strength to battle through thick and thin
Celebrate the festival of lights with kith and kin


Until the day, Love is your weapon
Grieving the lost equilibrium within
If only your light is seen in dark alleys
Over ghosted tunes on icy piano keys
With a tickle of possibility
Fragile silhouette shrouded in anonymity
But shines, she wills it, in her light
Enchants in layers of serenity.


By the light of the candles, I harness my energy
Rendering the energy, inwardly
Focusing on the illumination
A spiritual journey of foundation and mentation
Allowing myself to penetrate the depths of my soul
Contentment and clarity the ultimate goal
I am in control, the power within
I contemplate and select somewhere to begin
I envision being at the bottom of the sea
I embrace the darkness, feeling the water flow through me
All obstacles and negativity, released here
A comforting release of burdens and relief, I revere
As I feel being lifted by the sun’s rays, I revel in the warmth and liberation
An affirmation of great sensation and captivation
This is where I find clarity of my path, my journey ahead
One with universe and finding my light, I now tread.


My childhood wasn’t a treasure.
It turned to a curse,
Those days when existence was sombre interspersed.
Years passed and I struggled to breathe,
Your menacing laughter made my heart crease.
But you couldn’t dampen my vigor,
I collected my ruins and refurbished  with rigor.
The ‘light’ to my soul
enters through the crevice you had etched in my memory’s lane,
I reincarnated my spirit from a concoction of pain.


Lit up the light,
Let it shine until,
the brightness fades the black auras,
And the escaping alluring darkness,
Let the dark shadows see ,
the glory brought is blessed in divinity,
by the immortal energies,
May it flickers when wind blows,
Let your belief fuel the flames,
Glow your heart with this light,
Till your name is proclaimed,
As the star of the night.


Title- the dying lightbringer
Chasing in the dusk, the spirit of love
with the dying light at the horizon
Processing my thoughts with rolling tears
How did roses die in my presence?
I tried to win the trinkets of moments
Lit the candle before the darkness
Only for you not to be afraid off
But it seems the flame wasn’t enough.
Moonlight embraces the warmth in the sky
Despair, I am standing on the edge of the cliff
She saved me, ‘You’re my light bringer, forever & always’.


Million diyas I wish to light of positivity
Burn the darkness of fear and hurt
When the flames dance , heart is filled with gaiety
And Life is sweet like a dessert
Colourful emotions I distribute through words
to keep hearts ecstatic, pristine and intact
Harsh rain of hurts fail to dim shine and cut like swords
Where smile multiplies and sorrows subtract


Light of joy
kindness, compassion
The light of the victorious,
Of good over evil
The light which keeps burning
in each to do better,
Hoping its glow spreads
far and wide,
Lighting each’s threshold
in joyous fervor!


Take me to the well-known
Glittering aquarium 
To see a goldfish,
Hoping that it can be able to
Fulfill me a long-held wish –
That our life together 
Shines forever 
With the same glittering light,
Day and night.


The light at the end of the dark tunnel invited me
I pushed hard to reach out
Something strangled my neck, debilitating me
Strange! It’s attached to me
I want to cut ties, breakopen the shackles,
I push hard, I hear noises; Voices encouraging me,
Yeah! You can do it. Come on, take a turn,
I did. Miraculously, I untangled myself and came out of the slippery path with another push.
Whoa! Bright lights blinded me, I cried.
Jubilant crowd in whites welcomed me.
They handed me to her, I saw her in new light.
They celebrated my arrival and Diwali together.


A strong storm,
my candles, it blew off
once again I lit,
umpteen times same
I did, the results
went vain again and again.
Stopped weren’t my efforts,
a particular time unusual
for a minute it stood
alike my hope
the light Unbendable
for hours it stood.
I understood just then –
Changing are the winds,
ample are the sands
of time, always you do
remember the chances lay
high and low
but not beyond the bay.


I only witnessed it
once in my life.
It kept me moving through hopeless days and crushing nights.
It drew me smiles, erased my tears,
despite the pain
I still felt within –
from shallow living
in careless land.
I only witnessed it
in your eyes:
the light, the fire
that kept me alive
till you said good bye.


She could see light all around, in the night and day, in every true way, The birds chirping and clouds thundering, the lions roaring and vendors calling, In the market rush and society’s loneliness, In the chaos as well as in silence, In the mind’s chatter and in the things that matter, There was light all around, as she couldn’t see but she realized, She was light, And that was the beginning of a pretty sight.


𝙇eading the way by
𝙄lluminating through darkness. 
𝙂reeting us with a 
𝙃appy and positive smile, and
𝙏eaching us to fight, 
𝙇ight, fills us with
𝙄gniting spirit and
𝙂uides us through the
𝙃urdles of life, 
𝙏o emerge from the darkness of ignorance. 


Light penetrates
The darkest corners
To reveal all thoughts
Hiding in fear or shame
And gives courage
To confront
And enlighten


Light comes from within the right
Above all the darkness astray
The stars, moon illuminating through the passage of
Light to Right
Above all the darkness astray
The sunshine always remain towards the
Light to Right of ‘Hope’
Above all the darkness astray
His readiness poetry to her by the light of the moon
Above all the darkness astray
In the leading light in the right of life
Above all the darkness astray
Featherlight beacons the life from the dusk

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