The One-Woman Army by Sayani Bhattacharya

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Sayani’s story has been selected as our first winning title of the WriteFluence Singles contest, 2021 and is now available for a read on Kindle across the globe.

Judged by our respected jury members Kaumudi Amrute and Palash Basak, our judges praised the author for her writing style and the choice of the plot.


About the book:

Women must obey, said the rule. And Chandana toed the line. She listened to her father, to her brothers, and her husband. She never questioned the rules they set, and neither crossed a boundary they drew around her. Not until she realized her self-worth. And now that she has set out on a quest to find herself and many women like her, would she ever allow the fear and norms to scare the butterflies back into their cocoons?

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