Dear Goodbyes,

It’s really strange how you make everything right even if it feels like you’re making things worse for people. And no matter how desperately people try to get rid of you, you somehow find your way back to their lives.

Everyone knows how important you are for their growth but you’re still being avoided in the name of commitment and connections. But I feel that you don’t always break people. After all, you teach us to value what we have. And were everything to remain the same, maybe we wouldn’t learn to value the people in our lives and to realize how much they mean to us.

But all of these mature understandings will not cover the depth of despair you come with. I know, you’re necessary but can we have less pain and more time to process your arrival in our lives?

You really don’t need to be harsh always!!

Anyway, maybe more than despair you come with reasons and eventually it all comes down to the happiness of the people you touch with your presence. Yes, the finality you’re associated with is challenging. Yet you’re empowering, enabling us to achieve closure and ultimately move on with our lives. So, thank you for being more of a healer because now we know that you’re undeniably needed.

– Shivangi Kharbanda

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