Be Natural

Days are same but situations are different everyday. When everything around is going well, we don’t bother much… but if a single thing goes against what we had planned, we feel low, irritated and broken.

And when we feel very low, it looks like nothing is in place in our life. From one side we stitch it and from other side it torn. We are unable to understand what should we do. When we see everything is going out of the way, we are unable to keep things on place. More we try to collect them more they get scattered.

At that moment, just do one thing, take a deep breath and be natural. Remember the law of nature, let the things flow with their own pace, make them their own way, there is no fixed route or place for things. No fixed destination. Just movement is needed which shows life. And life is natural so live it naturally.

Let the air flow in its own direction, may be today it’s opposite but experience how much it supports when blowing with us.

Let the water flow on its own way, don’t guide it to move to the left or the right, not everything is pre defined. Few things are defined at the same time. Observe how beautifully they make their own way and nurturing life.

Let the lamp stay lit up for the whole night, it may not overcome the complete darkness in our life, but give someone a hope to be alive, be it insects, moths or flies.

Nature can’t be manipulated by humans, so why should we try to define it in our own terms and conditions. Things we can do is to give our Best in every situation and let the results shout.

Feel the positivity redolence in air when we stop worried unnecessarily and act accordingly.

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  1. Beautiful. Thank you. I needed it.

  2. Nature cant be manipulated….. Well said….Good one hema

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