Blessed With Scars

In my 12 years of basic schooling, I was taught a lot of things — right from the English alphabets to differential calculus. We read about love, romance, war and peace. But there was something that I was never taught in school or college — how to embrace who I was; how to embrace my scars. Nevertheless, a few life lessons taught me to embrace my scars and what I actually am!

There’s no person on this earth I have met who likes red and white spots on their skin, be it accident marks or acne scars. We all want to be flawless; we all want to have that perfect skin. But guess what? We can’t.

Nobody’s immune to these marks.

They become a part of your life, so why hate them? I won’t lie, initially I too tried my best to get rid of my scars. I tried coffee scrubs, all kind of oils and every product to help them disappear. But nothing helped. And, still now they’re as much a part of me as the pigment of my skin, the freckles that dot it, and the shape of my eyes and mouth.

But today, I make the decision to stop hiding these scars that litter my skin, and to stop excusing them as accidents or mistakes. My scars are my identity now because they too add to my character.

Yes, people do stare at me when I wear a short dress – they look at my scars with questions in their eyes. Some just stare and some literally ask me if I did something to myself. But I’m so unfazed by them now because when people look at your scars with disgust and question you, it says a lot about them. So instead of arguing, I always reply to them with a huge smile on my face and laugh. After all, why in the world would a person do that to themselves?

My most unique scar came from my accident I had a few years ago. It turned out to be a deep cut over my forehead. And, during that time, I did go through a roller coaster of emotions because it was difficult for me to even imagine going through the experience thousands of people face so bravely.

Sometimes our most cherished activities can also lead us into a wealth of scrapes and bruises. Often, after instances of road rashes, we’re inclined to cover our biking, skating, running, hiking and climbing scars with makeup or tights. But is covering mandatory?

To hide away the conversation pieces that have the potential to start lifelong bonds over shared interests simply for the sake of appearing less flawed, or in some cases, more ladylike, isn’t necessary at all. Wearing a scar as an accessory may be a bit of a stretch for some folks; but for others, letting the simple mystery of their skin and its stories shine through is more than enough. You may get some glances of intrigue, which could be the perfect opportunity to take a stance and glance bravely back.

So, flaunt your battle scars and have fun with them. Also, prove it to yourself, above all else, that your beauty is more than just skin deep. You are different and that’s your power!!

– Shivangi Kharbanda

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