Book Release: Aboveground by Sneha Acharekar

WriteFluence launches yet another book by Sneha Acharekar – Aboveground – a collection of nine spooky stories available in Kindle and paperback format on Amazon India and worldwide!

About the Book:

Janhavi can hear the other world clear and loud – the one that they call Aboveground. Will she be able to convince Sunil to rescue her?
Four friends on a trip, find it hard to believe the story that their local guide tells them about the murders that happen every year in the Ajodhya hills on the night of Pousha Dashami. They have been warned about tonight but will their logic make sense of villagers’ warnings?

Jean is awestruck with Raano’s majestic idiosyncrasies even as she holds up an argument against reasoning when he trespasses into her room in Uttam Villa, and is determined to make him believe that the place is haunted.
The running around at the hospital, the relentless ritual of sterilizing the equipment therein, the tiresome addressing of the emotions of patients who needed constant reassurances about their health; followed by the errands at home – have all begun to wear Renuka down. Is it just fatigue that’s making her hallucinate things or is there some force out there that’s been following her?
Dhiren and Nisha love listening to Naanimaa’s stories. One such story they hear frequently is that of the mighty Chaintanya sleeping in the middle of the deep forests in Kasari. And Dhiren has made up his mind to visit Chaitanya! Will Dhiren’s curiosity make him fall in trouble?
For years, the villagers in Wada have been living in fear about the house behind the school. What’s the secret hidden behind the spooky old structure?
Read Aboveground and 8 more spooky stories in this masterpiece by Sneha Acharekar.

About the Author:

An inveterate Mumbaite, Sneha Acharekar believes in the doctrine of agathism. She is a passionate logophile, an avid reader, a complete movie buff and a singer in places that reverberate. In that order.

She is a writer by passion and profession; and has been writing fiction since her school days. An active blogger and poetess on various online sites, her articles have made it to the featured lists on various writing platforms. She is the creator of the podcast Stories by Sneha and has also published four books independently.
Based on the genre of dark romance, her first fiction novel Faith, Fate and a Fairytale (2017) is the closest to her heart. Her first book in the non-fiction genre, Let Go, Yet Glow (2014); was published under a pseudonym KaTHaa. Purple Winters (2020) is her third and is a collection of 150 free verses. Her latest book Bookish Becky was released recently on Children’s day by WriteFluence and is an illustration-based story book for children. Acharekar loves exploring all styles and genres of writing.
Aboveground is the author’s fifth book and is a compilation of the best horror stories written by her.
Her poetry and short stories have also been published in multiple international compilations curated by WriteFluence in 2021.
Reach out to the author on her Instagram handle @the.agathist with your reviews.

Aboveground is now available in the Kindle format on Amazon India and Worldwide, in the paperback format on, Flipkart and the Notionpress store. The book will soon be available in the paperback format on worldwide.

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