On the occasion of our first birthday and to celebrate thanksgiving this week, we thought of this wonderful prompt and received submissions written on diverse topics! The poems were read out during our first live session on our IG account randomly.

Here are the winners of the last weekly contest. (Top Three first)

Congratulations to all the winners and a sincere thank you to all the participants!

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She sits on a wicker armchair in her humble home,
Sipping her still hot drink.
She feels thankful for the life she has had.
It has been bittersweet, the sign of a life well lived.
Some paths she chose, others she was forced to walk upon.

She looks back at her once evergreen youth, trying to hold onto its deceptive vestige.
It slowly dawns upon her that she’s in her sunset years,
Perhaps her last few of the earth’s journey around the sun

She inwardly sighs, sips her now cold tea
And allows the burning embers of golden memories to keep her alive.


My weary soul withered away with the burden,
of pain that steadily swallowed my existence, broken and dejected, I entered your sanctum,
Oh Lord, I trusted you with utmost persistence.
Your large ears heard my ardent prayers,
your rotund stomach swallowed my troubles, your divine hands protected and blessed me,
you performed miracles to end my struggles.
My belief in you boosts my morale,
my faith in you is certainly boundless,
I will forever be thankful to you oh Ganesha,
the blessings for your devotees are countless.


As this year reaches the end
I owe gratitude to my family and friends
For standing by my side
With your unwavering backing, all adversities I could tide
Thank you for bestowing plentiful love
Each of you is a blessing from above
Last but not least, I am grateful to the Creator who has been a constant friend, philosopher and guide,
In life’s roller-coaster ride


Every dark cloud of downfall and struggles,
Has a silver lining of optimism that bubbles
Wrap yourself with positivity no matter whatever situation enters in life,
Take each inconvenient situation a chance to learn ‘n strife
And when twilight drops down her curtain slowly and silently,
Just behold your precious moments, though fleeting, with tranquillity
Express gratitude to whatever you have in life
And bow head to the creator for the journey from dusk to dawn
As he unfailingly shows us every beautiful new-morn.


With each breath that I breath,
My heart brims with gratitude,
To the divine creator.
Kaleidoscopic hues and myriad shades,
Adorning every space,
Plentiful nature, blessed humans,
May there be a harmonious existence.
A silent prayer in obeisance,
To be ever grateful-
For family and friends,
For this bountiful home called ‘Earth’,
For this celestial phenomenon called ‘Life’.


As i plummeted across moments in life,
Seeming to smile in times of strife;
you by me walked the roads and lanes,
you held my hand when I struggled in pain.
You taught me how to confront fears,
emboldened me to fight my tears;
when boredom on my door beckoned,
you reposed trust in my ability to pen .
How jolted were you with thoughts written ,
you commended my work, a vision smitten;
encouraged me to take a decision,
mark my future, with unmarred ambition.
So today i stand untouched by a morrow,
normally filled with notches and furrows;
So i wield my pen and paint a frame,
and hemmed within your beautiful name.


The first time I held you in my arms
I was scared beyond measure.
I didn’t know what is meant to bear a life inside !
Apprehensions gripped me hard and
an unknown fear benumbed my senses.
But with your babbles I saw God’s gratitude
sheltering me with a warmth benign.


Here I am in front of you, and Here you are in front of me. I know nothing about and the same case goes for you. Still you helped me, a stranger, a complete unknown being to you… So, Thank you so much for the help… Thank you… Thank you so much for your your kindness… That’s all I have now with me… That’s all I can do now for to show my Thankfulness… my Gratitude…


It’s great to have gratitude, As it’s the best attitude, To be grateful to the kind souls, Will make you achieve your goals, It spreads like magic stardust, And boundless joy follows like a gust, It strengthens your bond with another, And embellishes your character, So thank everyone around you, And feel the magnetism surrounding you.

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