I’m curvy and I like it!!!

Remember the “I’m curvy and I like it” by Joey on the famous sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S…

Or how Joey complains about Amy, Rachel’s sister who said “A moment on the lips forever on the hips.” Die hard  fans of the show would know what I’m talking about..

No,this is not a typical Friends tribute write up. It’s about how our consumption of food and our appearance actually creates an opinion about us. I’m personally a women on the heavier side of the weighing machine. It’s not that I gorge on food at every chance I get but there is no denying I love food and I’m pleased to accept that I can finish a large pizza by myself and still have room for dessert.

I remember I was the heaviest in my class in first grade around 30 kgs. By the time I was in fourth grade  I had reached 50 and in 10th I was my heaviest 95 kgs. Frankly speaking since then my weight has been the same till now….I have never seen an increase or a dip in it. It’s not that I haven’t tried to work out but I’m hardly consistent. Yes, I was called “moti ” fat as a kid and my defense mechanism was “tere baap ka khaati hu kya” But as I grew up the catcalling stopped but as an occasional reminder to my mom of how fat her daughter was. To tell you mumma is a petite figure and to make my troubles worse is beautiful too. I have always got this comment “Men like thin girls” or “Girls like you do not get b.f’s” or even “with this weight your marriage will be difficult”. As a teenager I didn’t know but I used to think that what these people said was right. It took me a very long time to realise that it was all just not worth wasting my time on. I can’t go thin just because I want to be liked or married by someone.

The reason I will do it is because my family has a history of diabetes and heart attack. So it’s simple I will try to manage my body for health reasons and not for a man. And the size of my body has never stopped me from being in and out of relationship. I clearly recall my mother made me wear salwar kameez for four years before college because according to her no other dress would suit me as I was fat. So as an obedient child I did what my mother asked me to do. I was so conscious of what I wore in public that I couldn’t imagine myself in an attire i really wanted to wear. Your hands are to flabby or your thighs are too big…. Your boobs are too small for your body . Thank God you have beautiful features. You should not wear shorts. Don’t eat like your brother, you have to eat less. He is a man, he can eat as much as he wants. Yes, I have heard it all.

But now I have stopped caring for other people’s opinion about my body. I have always eaten what I like…likewise I wear what i like. If people stare fine, if they are uncomfortable,it’s not my problem. It’s my body and other people’s opinion about it is not my concern anymore. So to all the women out there eat what you enjoy eating, if you are curvy be proud of your curves.

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