Why I miss my classroom??

So here we are… In and out of several lockdowns…. Work from home…. Pandemic…jabs, covid protocols, mask sanitizers,gloves…front line workers….  Some things we have heard time and time again for the last two years. 

Well I’m not here to remind you about it but just wanted to let you know my stand on this whole online teaching thing,that this pandemic has gifted us the teachers, the students and the entire education system. Now every coin has two sides… What I mean to say is that everything has its pros and cons. To tell you  I’m all in for this online teaching thing keeping in mind the children’s safety. But I MISS MY CLASSROOM teaching

And I’m going to tell you why I miss it.

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  • First of all I miss the “Gooooooooooooodddddd morniiiing Maaaa’aaaamm” song my students sing to me every morning fully dressed yet half awake in the most out of tune sound ever..
  • And attendance, I  miss that too. One look at my class and I knew who was absent.The total no.of absent-present automatically gets calculated in your head like a mathematical pro …which I’m not in other cases when it comes to math.
  • I miss the fact that every time I enter the class my students jump on to me (not literally) just to tell me who did what??? Just trying their luck to be the next monitor
  • I could make out from their faces if they understood the topic or were bored.
  • I miss celebrating festivals with them, decorating the class and sharing treats
  • It’s easier to tell which of your students are doing good, which of them needs more help, who has tried to improve, who is still recovering from a change.
  • I miss the times during a surprise test how some would write down confidently, and someone would pretend to think hard….for i know for sure he/she has no idea… what to write.
  • I miss those sudden class observations where my students would put on their best behaviour as if mischief is something they never heard of .
  • Oh!!!! How can i forget the speed with which they complete their work only if the next period is P.T class. 
  • The best part is when you make the monitor of the class and he/she acts as if they own the class. 
  • The one on one interaction when they are down or they wait eagerly to share something with you.
  • Ok…I have to say correction was much easier ….for i didn’t have to rely on my internet
  • Also getting their work completed was not a problem as I was there to personally monitor that.
  •  The pride in my students eyes when they display their work in front of the entire class
  • Birthdays are special…. Every child will go out of their way to make the birthday girl/boy feel special for that extra chocolate…you know we have all been there.

The list of why I miss my class is endless. There are so many reasons. Above all is the bonding with my students. The virtual class somewhere does not let that happen. Somehow it kind of restricts it. I’m not here to tell you the cons of a virtual class. It’s a new skill that all the teachers learned in jiffy because they didn’t have a choice of course. But just a reminder of how mechanic the whole process is. Can you even think of the children who started their schooling during the pandemic have no idea what a real school is. And how difficult it would be for them to adjust once all this is over. It’s food for  thought… i guess

To tell you honestly , if i could get a chance to take one thing from my virtual class to my real class room it would be THE MUTE BUTTON for sure. Finally I would love to be back in my class room with my students with no social distancing norms and where my students and I can bond again.

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