Beautiful things are delicate.

Most of the things we perceive are sensed from our eyes. And our eyes are those sensitive parts of our body which always prefer to see beautiful things. Be it a beautiful person, dress, or things. And just ignore the average things.

No doubt,we prefer beautiful things but Have you ever think that beauty has its own shaded part. More the beautiful a thing is, the more it is weak. It loses its identity just in a seconds. And the things which are full of strength are mostly not beautiful but never loses its uniqueness in any cost. We prefer to have beautiful things but just in a while, its next stage is average and then ugly. Beauty is just a charm of seconds.

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Either we itself doesn’t let the beauty be glow or it loses its uniqueness itself. Like when we see a beautiful flower, just in a second we pluck it to make it ours.

We see a beautiful face, get attracted to the person, try to talk, or being friendly with him/her, but once you see that beautiful face is with you, you don’t bother much. It loses its beauty when your eyes avoid it.

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We see a beautiful dress, even pay a little more to have it. Once we wear it, it engages everyone’s eye but slightly loses its beauty and for the next event it is an average dress.

Beauty is itself as much delicate as glass. Its just a PHASE OF LIFE of any thing, be it plant, animal or human being. Everyone is beautiful at a time, before it sets. Once the light dim, beauty itself loses its presence and transform into average. What’s the use of that thing which moved behind light. Be a thing which have its own light and life.

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