The letter you never wrote…

A back-to-romance prompt that we threw last week at our WriteFluencers, brought back a variety of perspectives on a single prompt, yet again.

Here are the winners of the last weekly contest. (Top Three first)

Congratulations to all the winners and a sincere thank you to all the participants!


The letter you never wrote
I wished I could catch a glimpse of letter you never wrote to me maa
Your life was short enough to portray all the awesome emotions you in stored for me my birth giver
I wanted to read how much importance I did hold in your life
Your prayer in which I was included every time
Your blessings as were meant for me
The places where I was considered prior than even your own self mom
The letter you never wrote but I know the synopsis it had in its content
And it owns a very special place in my heart.


I found your diary hidden on the basement wooden shelf
That had your letters addressed to me without words
Earlier I couldn’t have decoded what may have been the lines
But now I knew what you wanted to share with me, someday
Which I found when I wasn’t able to be a blood donor when you were critical
Revealing the truth that I was adopted
Dear Ma,
I accept the truth that you had taken away to your grave
And I promise to hide it within me
I keep back the diary in the very same place, still hidden
And walk away, wiping the lone tear from my face


I hold the helix of woe deep inside my heart
Looking for togetherness  in cavernous hotel  rooms.
Thoughts of our bygone days fill the synapses of my mind with bereavement
How our tacit bond fell prey to the sands of time!!
It churns my soul with melancholy.
A sudden gush of wind  stirs the forlorn wind chimes
The yellow pages of reminiscence flip in the breeze
A kaliedoscope of memories rejuvenate
From the letter you never wrote.


The words were never poured on a sheet
Why did you cheat?
I loved you from the bottom of my heart
But your deceptions ripped me apart
The sugar-coated words were just to manipulate me
Gone with you was my glee
I was wrong to think you were my strength
To protect you, I could go to any length
After benefitting, you dropped me like a hot potato
You gave me life’s biggest blow
I may have forgiven you, but I can never forget
Giving you undue importance is what I regret


I seek your apology
On the pages of a past
A past that I want to obliterate
A past which shadows my days
And makes my nights crepuscular.
The stories you weaved then,
Stay fresh on my wounds
Thorns that my feet absorbed
Prick the memories in my heart
And the hemorrhage persists.
My words precipitate from my eyes
Into a diary that I’ve tormented for years.
While I seek your apology
In the letter you never wrote.


Dear Mom,
your stretch marks are the proof of your pain
your dark circles show
sleepless nights you have had
your rough hands reveal
your endless struggle for existence
you are a metaphor of selfless love and affection
you filled my life with multitude of tiny surprises
sacrificing all yours Mom
Thank you is a small word
for all that you have done for me
Love you forever Mom.


Duels, blows and harsh words
We did exchange
Between cold silences and grimaces,
We did feel some regret
When distance tore us apart,
Remorse strangled our hearts
You owe me a letter of apology my friend,
How I wished you apologized to me
In a letter that’s now unwritten and undelivered,
But forever longed for in my heart unabashed.


Many a word left unsaid that night,
dreamt of lines i wished to scribe,
you my world, i hope you find,
a love befitting each sacrifice.
And then the universe
will shine in her eyes,
and tingles vibrate in joyous like,
hearts will speak to both this time,
my son you will know she is truly thine.


Peeping out of her drawer were some bits of paper,
Urging her today to read them again;
She sighed and turned to the pages to savour,
The words that she had found so hard to pen.
Memories came flooding back of the warmth they had shared,
Carefree days when the world outside was still at bay;
Her heart skipped a beat to think of how they had dared,
Disturbing murmurs and even sly looks had not made sway.
Together they thought, they could brave the storm,
But were forced to walk on different paths.
Where judgement and intolerance dictate the norm; 
In her silken bag, sit her unposted letters and drafts!


Crumbled in waste,
Lies words written in haste,
Each one carrying your name,
Some in anger and pain,
While some in never ending complain,
Some in concern and others in fear,
Enough to drive me insane,
Never reaching the end to yours truly,
For you know I miss you surely,
Now that you ain’t mine,
I might write to you in other lifetime


‘Hello love, you promised to take me away.. ‘
I stop and crush the paper
Words more anxious than my real feelings
‘Hi honey, I will be waiting for you..’
Honey? Is he my honey as yet
Or just another empty promise?
‘Love, when we get out of here.. ‘
Crumpled it again. Too desperate.
‘Help m… ‘
The words that finally made it to the paper
Held tight, like a glimmer of hope
Between the clasped fingers of a teen, now dead.


This breath flutters with the letter you never wrote.
Chanting the horror of a pinned hand
Far away from words and meaning
At the centerpiece of all there are to say
I find you in regalia of many letters
Making out with all the words getting old in me
Waiting, trusting and yearning me to write
In my truth I hope and trust the Universe
It whispers “write it up in every detail
Speak by the leading of your hands
Dreams care about what you had always said”.


The letter still stands
The ink of emotions dried,
Crimson shade of love
turned a pale withered one,
Tears of yester,
Stands testimony of
smudges of my love
Which just became an
untold saga in the
book of life,
O’ dear letter
You still lie unfinished
in the closet of life,
You still bring tears
to what could have been,
If! If !
I had finished the
Confession of my lifetime!
Its destiny was to
be left unfinished till


The letter you never wrote
bore the stories of our clandestine tryst
it had the fragrance of bygone days
that had the memories of our togetherness
the days of camaraderie that are now lost in the sands of time
the letter you never wrote reeks of solitude
that gradually scavenged on to our happiness.


I know it’s not only my heart
It’s uncountable beats of caressing chart
When I am concerned without any reason
Your smile I think to ink in every season
I know it’s not only me
It’s us, bound in this untold string
Where I have multiple hugs missing
Your affectionate lap and forehead kissings
As your love sparkles like some unsaid oath
I feel being inscribed in, ” The letter you never wrote.. “


The letter you never wrote
The words float on island remote
Thoughts crash like waves at shore
Heart awaits in Hope so sore
Drifts each day into dark night
The letter you never wrote
Trapped in the unsaid flight
Words simmer in cauldron of Love
Eyes go hollow waiting for words
Sentences form upon blank sky
Empty canvas awaits artist’s try
Written remains unseen upon my sky


My mind is reading in between these lines
Tell me, if I could explain my heart to you that well
Would you still be here by my side?
I pushed you away to protect my peace
Little did I know that will become your only need
Never thought that I’ll become the storm to your calm
When I was just falling in love with my scars
Today I gathered the courage to let you know
That I have finally opened the letter you never wrote
Now all I wish is to escape with that broken boat
And swim across all this helplessness without getting lost, anymore.


There’s a hole behind every door,
There is an escape next to each door.
I always fall into one,
But when I get to the bottom
I realize I have to start over.
You’ve always been faster
Go and write to God
That I’m not sorry
That I didn’t read the letter you never wrote.


The letter you never wrote,
Has been delivered by a postman,
The white pages terrorized my heart,
Emotions trespassed my broken heart,
Blank ink creates imaginary lines,
Still told me the feelings you
hide within your hearts vault,
Tears splashed my heart,
A rose lay inside the envelope,
You would have brought from a friend,
Invisible words healed the cuts
and scars my heart attired,
Read your blank letter under a shed
of grey sky.


The dew drops reminded me your tears my dear friend.
And magically I could read your emotions through them in the form of a soulful letter which you never wrote to me :”Tempest of my emotions Destroyed your inner peace,
But you were calm and composed.
Your patience created an aura around you.
Those positive vibes protected you in the situation of chaos.
I know I hurt you and I can’t undo the situation.
But deep down in your heart you forgiven me that has melted my heart. No words can express how lonely I feel without you in the hours of despair.”

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