Let the fireflies glow

In my childhood, one of the most fascinating sights for me at night were fireflies or the jugnu. We lived in a small city, with lush greenery. Butterflies, dragonflies, grasshoppers, and reptiles inhabited verdant hedges. Sun-basking chameleons and a million critters like centipede were often seen in the humid climes of my city. These dense, dark bushes would glow with fireflies and the night would fill with crickets chirping in harmony.

As is usually done to amuse children, we were shown how to capture fireflies in match boxes. Of course, they stopped glowing in captivity. For me, this has been a resounding motif that speaks about not interfering with the nature of things.

Our human temperament demands us to be in control and be masters of everything we find attractive and charming. However, wisdom lies in letting go. We cannot own and master everything. We cannot and should not attempt to capture every fascinating thought, concept, object, or being. Beauty is to be admired and appreciated. We cannot hold it captive.

We cannot always work against destiny. Sometimes we have to trust the process. We have to leave nature, and the fireflies, alone. The dragon flies, too, for they are not tiny helicopters to capture and play with!

These musings and fond longing for fireflies inspire the following lines:

Firefly storms convey
Sheer brilliance of
Powerful strobes
Coloring musky nights
A million sparkles
Glimmers of hope
Let them dance, float,
Blurring the city lights,
In the backdrop of clouds,
In the whispering drizzle,
Let them shimmer, glide
In carefree delight,
Don’t touch them yet
Don’t stop the trail
Just let them glow
Let them lead the way.

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