Special ones can’t be replaced

We as a social animal can’t live alone. So we meet many people in our life to fulfill our different needs, be it physical, mental, social or emotional. They are our family members, relatives, friends, knowns and The Special Ones. Few people last with us forever like our family. And few just creates memories, be it good or bad. Memories with few people faded away with time.

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And there are few special ones also, who creates vaccum in our life when leave. The space created by them can never be filled with any other. They are like free birds, just come into our life, take our attention and live precious moments with us and when we try to catch them to live with us forever they simply fly. Left us with the beautiful blank memories.

After that we met many other people in our life but our eyes and heart always look for the same person. No one suits in that special place as everyone’s place is differently coded with our heart. Our brain makes, our heart to understand that he/she is also good as that Special Person. But human heart is not made to understand things it’s just to love special ones unconditionally.

These special ones are not many people. Only one or two best people in our life, whom we trust more than ourself. We understand them more than we understand ourself. We are more loyal to them than to ourself. We can say they are our role models. Our full understanding, logics, reasoning, creativity all rotate around them, as we are directly or indirectly accepted their behavior, or logics with us and others must be positive. Our brain is easily conditioned by our heart that things can be wrong at the moment but that Special One will always be Right. And that’s true.

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