Her Story

She complains, “I always noticed my husband usually ignoring me. Does he have any specific reason behind it?”

Her friend Rupsa said, “Yes, the only reason is you, yourself dear, but you can easily get his attention.”

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“How it can be possible,” said Priya. Yes, it is possible. If you lose yourself in taking care of others. Then whom else will have a look on you, said Rupsa.

Priya looked herself in the mirror and started thinking…( Yes, you are right, I really don’t care much about myself.) She always put herself at the end be it cooking her favorite dishes, purchasing something for her, or doing any other thing of her choice.

Even in the past few years her all dreams, ambitions and everything faded away. What she really was concerned about was only her family. She forgets what a charming girl she was, when everyone get attracted towards her. And now she is begging for attention of her own near ones.

In this journey, one of her close friend Rupsa helped her. She insists her to take care of herself at first. Put herself at priority for few times at least. Do few things of her choice be it eating her favorite dish, wear her favorite dress or visit her dream place. Do at least one out of four things for herself. This all give her the peace of mind and a feeling of worth.

Once again Priya started living life of her choice for herself, as the life she lived before is just for her family, where her life is in negligence. . She keeps herself happy at first. She looked more relaxed, calm and confident. Now, she don’t begged for anyone’s attention even people on their own get attracted to her. Her family is much balanced and happier as everyone likes to be with the happy souls.

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