A cookie a day!

Got a sweet tooth? Have a cookie a day!

Here are the bakers… oops.. winners of the last weekly contest. (Top Three first)

Congratulations to all the winners and a sincere thank you to all the participants!


An apple a day keeps the doctor away,
A cookie a day keeps the sorrow at bay!
‘Finger licking’ yummy is the chocolate chip one,
It leads a merry dance on our sweet laced tongue.
One bite of this satisfying treat transports us to heaven,
The trick is to pop it in your mouth straight from the oven.
‘Melt-in-the-mouth’ phrase takes on a new meaning,
When the biscuit slides down the throat and smooth after – taste leaves you beaming.
With a cookie on your plate, you can take on the world,
And face any challenge that is inevitably at you hurled!


A cookie a day keeps all the stress away,
says my little girl often,
when I remove my office shoes.
‘I’m not stressed’ will be my constant reply
“You can’t hide your stress like you hide my cookies mommy”, she retorts.
Where did she get this brain I wonder out loud.
She taps on the cookie bar,
I grab my girl and toss her up and catch her.
She squeals like a happy squirrel,
running to open me a cookie, that’s pure bliss-
her tiny fingers handing me a cookie a day.


A cookie a day keeps you happy and gay,
Choco chip or coconut or just plain butter cookies,
Is enough to help you with sweet tooth cravings of the day,
Wafting smells of freshly baked cookies,
Is heaven on earth I say,
Dunk it in milk or just eat it out of the jar if you may,
Cookies are delicious dessert,
My midnight date as I say,
I baked a fresh batch just to snack later on today.


A cookie a day, once she said,
After eating the whole jar in bed,
I painted the jar and kept as souvenir,
For all the memories filled with your love and care,
Often at the wall you would stare,
Saying like mom my photo will also hang there,
I took it as a joke and told you that you will become a ghost,
I cried after the last letter you post,
Before I could even reach to catch you,
You had gone too far,
And now I am alone staring at the empty jar.


Had to save her delicious gift,
Making it last as long as it could,
‘A cookie a day’, was my motto
Remembering her toiling away
Baking them with love
So I could indulge and savor!
Nibbling on her chocolate chip cookie,
Had me walking down memory’s lane,
The laughter and gaiety shared
By us carrying out chores mundane,
Easy-going simple life lead in content,
Yearning it were possible for me to return to that bygone age!


A cookie a day
Keeps my anxiety at bay
The moment I see you
Every bite, I slowly chew
Lustrous and sweet,
Just one I cannot eat
To the calories, I don’t pay attention
I salivate, at your mere mention
Tantalized by the aroma emanating from you
I am lost in a world where I no longer feel blue
It is impossible to resist, as you make me weak
Sinful you are but devouring you my pleasure is at the peak


A cookie a day, she bought for me
That was quite all that she could afford
I frowned aloud grumpily every day,
For cream pastries and croissants and more.
“Mum, my friends get pastries in their tiffin”
She would endure my tantrums after her stressed day.
Then divert my attention to other things tactfully
To keep me smiling and my anger at bay…
Days, months and years then passed
I could now buy myself a jar full of cookies a day.
But they just do not taste the same as before
When I could have just a single cookie a day.


A cookie a day to keep all woes away
to bask in the radiant ray
and me merry and gay
for life is a cauldron of flippant pursuits
too short to waste in painful deluge
eat,drink ,and be merry
let savory delights heal a soul of its wary.


A cookie a day, reminds me
Of the fragrance filled kitchen, 
The flour and the choco chips,
And a dash of the flour
On my tired mom’s face, 
That gleamed with joy, 
When I smiled, as I had a cookie a day. 


A cookie a day
keeps the stress at bay,
Calls me out to play,
in the sunshine and bay,
The taste of you,
Just like the first ray,
Of morning sunshine,
Full of cheer, sunniness,
Positivity and joy!
A cookie a day calls
my cappuccino to join
in for more joy!
I sit by them with a smile

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