Dear New Year,

It’s almost time, and so welcome to the world. Yes, 2021 was fine, but now I can’t wait to see what you have in store.

On one hand, looking back over all the memories I made this year with the people I adore, makes my heart sing. I feel loved, I feel content, I feel grateful and I feel supported as I step from one decade into another. From one opportunity to the next, one adventure to the next and one hurdle to the next. But on the other hand, reminiscing all the hard lessons I had to learn this year, still makes me worn out. Yes, I know there’ll be ups and downs in store, life is never linear, but I’m hopeful that the good will continue to outweigh the bad.

Last year, violence and anger dominated many. Kindness and empathy too got a little lost. But I hope you can show us a better path. Help us show what it means to be human again and bring our minds back to mindfulness. Help us be grateful for everything we have and highlight our blessings, especially the ones we take for granted.

Dear 2022, please be the year of our dreams. Remind us every day that there are always reasons to keep living. Yes, life definitely gets uncertain at times but I still hope that you’ll be filled with more opportunities to help others. I hope that when it seems like there might not be any hope at all, there will be a little sunshine that shows the way for those who need it. And I hope that you’ll always lead us in the right way!!

Last but not the least, we believe in you and we believe there can be a better world and that you can show us the way. So, show us what you can do because our hopes are in you, 2022.

– Shivangi Kharbanda

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