Whenever we listen the word juggling, the image of the clown juggling in the circus comes in our mind at first. No doubt, everyone can easily amazed with his magical tricks. How gracefully ! He repeatedly throws three pins in the air and catches with his two hands one after the other.

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The same trick applies in our real life, where we have to maintain the balance between work, home and ourself. Most of the people have to face this triangular situation in their day to day life. We stand best in terms of Work, focus on our career, promotions, etc. as it belongs to our social self identity and let the left time for the well being of home be it family or kids.

The third one who is the core of this game means we, ourself always left unattended which results in shaking health. And poor health leads to affect both the work and the home badly. Everything which is running smoothly for a while, disturbed completely in a long run, if we always put ourself at the end.

Think atleast once for whom we work and with whom the family belongs? If we don’t care for ourself. How do we care for others. How do we maintain equilibrium between work and home?

To let the Game (life) flow without hurdles, we have to at first concentrate on ourself. If we are strong enough, be it physically or mentally, we can manage both work and home very well simultaneously. Just give few minutes to ourself daily or spare some me-time, do few things of our choice , live the life with happiness so that it also reflects in the work, home and everywhere which leads to the best results. And best results may not reach at the top but gives us immense peace of self satisfaction, which is mandatorily needed for peaceful mind.

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