A list for Santa!

Have you been the naughty kid this year? Or are you ready to make your list for Santa? Our prompt was to make your list poetically this year!

Here are the winners of the last weekly contest. (Top Three first)

Congratulations to all the winners and a sincere thank you to all the participants!

Santa’s busy reading your list now!


Hey, Santa, you gorgeous, cuddly hunk of a man,
On your way home, drop in if you can.
There’s something at the top of this year’s wish list,
I know you have many. Surely one wouldn’t be missed.
I’d sacrifice choc ginger, Irish cream liqueur, and bed socks,
Electric toothbrush, new laptop, and a selection of books,
Cos, there’s a space on the sofa ‘tween the dog and me
For a character with adorably nobbily knees,
Who can scratch the itch on my back I can’t easily reach,
And I tremble at the thought, massage my tired feet.
I’m off the naughty list, this year I’ve been nice, upgraded myself.
It’s been a struggle. I’ve earned it. Santa, please leave me an elf.


Dear Santa,
I’m making your task a tad easy. Hope you sing along!!
My favourite things
(After Oscar H and Roger R)
New books to read and a long hot shower
Eight hours of sleep and chocolate to devour
A child who so very beautifully sings
These are a few of my favourite things
Bright coloured pens and clothes that fit nicely
Tidy surfaces and grandmas who speak wisely
My jewellery box holding bracelets and rings
These are a few of my favourite things
Long chats with Mum and a walk in the park
Pink cherry blossoms and fireflies in the dark
Freshly baked cake when the oven pings
These are a few of my favourite things
When the virus strikes
When the cases spike
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my favourite things
And then I don’t feel so bad.


A list for Santa this year
Let peace and happiness prevail
Help humanity to bid adieu to fear
Alleviate the woes of frail
Comfort the impoverished and wipe their tears
May the necessities of existence be available to everyone without fail
Santa, please just be there for your kids from every sphere
In life’s turbulent storms, help them to sail.


Dear Santa, here goes my Christmas list,
I hope you can grant me my gifts,
but if you can’t manage, I won’t insist.
A room full of books, a cozy armchair,
a magnificently brewed mug of coffee,
with a divine chocolate éclair.
A little ball of fur with tiny paws,
who could lick away my troubles,
and love me in spite of my flaws.
If you want to be truly generous you can add,
a cottage with a view and a six figure salary,
that’ll make my Christmas merry and glad.


Ah! The Santa time is here!
To spread the fun and melee everywhere!
My list is long again,
Santa, can you pull out the world’s pain?
Bring on your elves, the elixir,
That vanishes out this pandemic’s fear.
No more materialistic demands this year,
Just spread the thoughts of love, fraternity and care!


Dear Santa
My list is long
Wipe the pandemic off
Replace smiles where there’s sorrow
Let cheer ride high in each’s life
The spirit of red and green,
May color each’s life brightly
and colorfully!
Let the spirit of kindness,
be the essence of living!
The feast of soul and spirit
be the order if the day!
Spread joy!
I just ask you for
“Joy to the world”
Let each receive the joy,
magnitude of countless blessings”


A new India where
Poverty and Illiteracy are history,
Agriculture and Health work in symphony,
Women and Children live in harmony,
Wildlife, Heritage and Technology live with integrity.
Unify. Don’t live with destiny.


I decorated the Christmas Tree,
To welcome the Wish Buddy
Who replace the loneliness with his presence,
I wish you all, Merry Christmas.
Let’s have a plum cake with me,
With lots of candies and cookies,
Bells are chiming merrily,
I wish you all, Merry Christmas.

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