Christmas Memories

red and green mistletoe decoration

All l want for Christmas is to keep ajar a bag full of memories.
Where the magical Christmas tree entices me with its charm.
Where the ringing of the Christmas bells fills my mind with excitement.
Where my teachers come masked as Santa Claus.
To distribute sweets, puzzles and accessories.
Where the story of Jesus Christ is enacted on the stage.
Where my friends camouflage themselves as Mother Mary, Father Joseph, shepherds, Kings, Queens and angels in magnificent robes.
Where the Christmas carols reverberate all around my school.
Where l am cheerily relishing the savoury Christmas cake and cookies.
All l want for Christmas is that school celebration again.
Where l am celebrating myself as a school novice.
I crave to become a part of that festivity again.
Every Christmas l regret my adulthood, l lament my growing up.
I yearn for my Convent days heretofore, even if it is a dream.
Santa if you exist, please can you address my wish.
Gift me an ethereal present in which l am substituted to a child.
I know your magic wand is a means to suffice my wish.
I want to relive that Christmas celebration.
Jingles bells, Rudolph the reindeer, silent Night, Long time ago, we wish you a Merry Christmas and many more, I want to sing it all over again.
In harmony with my teachers and friends.
Now that l preside over my Preschool,
I endeavour to make each Christmas celebration remarkable for kids.
The Christmas ambience is developed to the best of my knowledge.
Children decorate the Christmas tree with full fervour.
Stars twinkle, bells jingle all around my school.
Yes, Santa comes dressed in his robes, there is also a snowman to welcome the kids.
Children dance to the tune of Christmas carols.
I feel as if my convent days are back again, l join in with the kids.

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