I miss you

I still miss you

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I still remember the days we spent together. The feeling of us being together is something magical that I never felt. You’re the only one with whom I have shared everything in my life and you are also the only one who broke my trust, heart and everything. You made me so weak that now I’m afraid of being in love again.

Now also if your name came I felt the same feeling which I felt when I saw you for the first time. I still remember how grand an entry you took in the class and how every girl is in ” Awwww ” after seeing you.

The day when you came and sat beside me I don’t know why but I felt something magical. I have never been a talkative person but after meeting you I always got scolded by teachers but even after that I also love to be there with you. I have become a totally different person with you and I miss that person which I was whenever I was with you.

You made me feel alive. You showed me how to really enjoy your life. You made me fall in love with you every time, every second. I still remember that pout which you make whenever you become angry or upset.

I wanted to tell you how much I need and want you to be with me but there is no use of it as it doesn’t matter to you and you have gone far away from me. I wanted to call you and talk to you for hours like we always do but can’t.

I miss being in your arms. I miss our dates and especially that feeling I have felt only with you. I miss loving you, caring about you. I miss being in love with you. I miss you a lot.

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