The WriteFluencers of 2021 (Season I Results)

After six rigorous rounds of screening with our editorial team and our five jury members, we announce our first ever set of winners for The WriteFluencer Awards, 2021.

The WriteFluencer Award for 2021 goes to:

Vishaal Pathak, for his title: I Can, Sir!

Vishaal Pathak
Vishaal Pathak

Vishaal was born in Lucknow, India in a middle-class family. Curious yet introverted, he spent his time taking apart toy machines and putting them back together. His parents saw an Engineer in him, and before he knew it, he was chasing the conventional Indian dream. He was drowning in spreadsheets, wireframes and user stories when the unthinkable happened and brought the world to a screeching halt. It was only around June 2020 when the situation got the better of him and he turned to writing, nearly full-time. Since then, he has self-published two small-length books (notably, “I Can, Sir!” based on the true story of his dear friend) and has a couple of short-stories published as part of anthologies. His recent publications include ‘The smell of freedom’ (Project Lifespan – Growing Up Vol. 2, Pure Slush), ‘Memorials’ (Issue 29 – History, Tigershark Publishing) and ‘The scent of kindness’ (Wafting Earthy, Writefluence). Writing, he believes, is medicine for the soul. The topics that pique his interest the most are time, memory and ethics. Among his favorite books are ‘Catcher in the Rye’, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and ‘Never Let Me Go’. While currently writing short stories, he hopes someday to be able to write something of relevance – ambitious in both length and depth. When not writing, he can be found daydreaming or cycling.

First Runner-up:

Chitra Padmana, for Linger When You’re Gone

Chitra Padmana
Chitra Padmana

Chitra Padmana, who’s a doctorate in Chemistry, started her writing journey at the age of nine when her grandmother found her journal filled with wild scribblings and decided to publish it as a series of two books. As the paths of life swerved her away from her world of dreams, she devoted herself to the study of twirling bio-molecules. Two gold medals, sixty awards and thirteen acclaimed research publications later, she continued to write whenever opportunities presented themselves and received several creative writing awards throughout her academic career.
She believes in magic, although she knows by now that her letter from Hogwarts was intercepted when she was eleven and cruelly hidden away. Her resolve to channel her witchcraft through words has resulted in several anthologies. During the pandemic, she was featured by reputed online magazines, platforms and communities like The Indian Periodical, Women’s Web, WriteFluence and the New Indian Authors Club. She has started an initiative called ‘Hues and Quills’ that aims to unite art and writing for the benefit of the society. Her vision is to donate profits from the sale of all books under this initiative to organizations working towards mental health, upliftment of the marginalized sections and women’s health issues.
Despite a leg injury that threw a wrench in her professional dancing plans, she continues to pursue her passion by tying up her feet in crepe bandages and challenging herself on stage.
A voracious reader, she loves to interact with bookworms like her! She also conducts writing and designing workshops for beginners.
Reach out to her at to have a chat, but beware! She talks a lot!

Second Runner-Up:

Hywel Richard Pinto, for The Venus World

<strong>Hywel Richard Pinto</strong>
Hywel Richard Pinto

A resident on Mumbai since birth, Hywel has always been a big fan of mystery / suspense books which keep you enthralled right up to the end hooking you to the characters and storyline. He works full time in at a media agency and reading and now writing books has been a break for him from the daily stress of life.
He is predominately a weekend writer. A couple of story ideas and the encouragement of his wife, Christina and family led him to write his first novella – The Monday Murder, which was self-published and is also available through Kindle and Notion Press for the POD version.
He has published two additional books – ICE BOUND and Europa which are around the Sci-Fi genre and are available in both paperback and digital versions. Europa has been published in the traditional format through Story Mirror Publications.
After taking a short publishing break (but writing like crazy), Hywel released ‘The Venus World’, on Kindle, a dystopian fiction, where women rule the new world and men are their slaves.

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Congratulations to the WriteFluencers!

A heartfelt thank you to our jury members for their time in making this event possible.

Vipul Shaalmali Raut, Amanda Schmidt, Palash Basak, Kaumudi Amrute and Arvind Solanki (from L-R)

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