Déjà Rêvé by  Dakshata Kudanekar

Dakshata’s story ‘Déjà Rêvé’ was selected as a winning title of the WriteFluence Singles contest, December 2021. Judged by respected jury members Kaumudi Amrute and Arvind Solanki, the author was commended for the plot of the story.

About the book:

Aniket happens to see a weird dream and soon realizes the reality occurs in concurrence to the details of his dream. He is determined to change the future before his nightmare turns into reality. Will he be able to do that or will he end up surrendering to fate?
Read on to find the mystery unfolding in Dakshata Kudanekar’s winning title of the WriteFluence Singles contest, 2021 Déjà Rêvé.

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