Kohinoori: Desires Versus Equality

I was born to a prosperous family. My father is a renowned businessman and my mother is a fashion designer. I have a younger brother, named Sushil. Both of us went to a co-ed school. I was inclined towards the girl’s gang. I loved to dress in girls costumes. My brother and I were allocated different rooms in the house. Dancing and singing was my hobby since childhood. I bedecked myself in my mother’s Saree, explored her vanity kit and dressed as a dancer with full-on make-up late at night. I didn’t comprehend why it gave me such pleasure. I had the extra advantage of possessing both a male and female voice. My features were entirely like that of a man. When l transformed into a girl at night, l appeared a beautiful coy girl in front of the mirror. l danced and sang until l was enervated.

One day, Sushil knocked at my door past midnight. I was on my dancing spree. He knocked and knocked, “Hey, bro, what are you doing. I have some important work with you.”

“Oh! let me sleep, l have an early morning class”, replied Sashank.

Sushil smelt something wrong because the lights were on. He went off to sleep accompanied by suspicion.

Sashank entered into the best college. He was a hard-working student. He participated in various college concerts and bagged prizes. His aims and aspirations soared him higher and higher. He desired to earn a name and fame through his talents but he was unsure whether society will treat him equally.

His college life was an exposure to the outside world. He became aware of guys like him. He started attending parties meant for the GAY boys and girls. He enjoyed himself thoroughly being in the company of a like-minded community. He hid these night escapades from his family. Sushil suspected his every act. One night he followed Sashank secretly.

He was dazzled and confused seeing his brother stepping into a “GAY CLUB”. He retreated his steps and flew back home. Sushil encountered his parents and disclosed everything he saw. His parents disbelieved their ears. “Let him return, l will counter him today. Why, this boy is behaving astray? Soon he will bring us ill fame”, his father muttered.

Sashank returned as a gentleman. Glancing his family awake at this hour, he implored, “Why are you all awake?”

Father inquired, “Where were you all night. You tell us you attend extra classes, your brother had found out about your secret adventures. Now reply.”

Sashank didn’t feel guilty about himself. He ended the conversation just in  these words, “Mummy, papa, l am gay.”Mother started shedding tears, holding him tight. Father clapped his hands in admiration and spoke,” Well done my boy. I am proud of you for deferring yourself as you are. I don’t care an inch about society and its norms. My love for you will never fall short.”

Sashank was overwhelmed by his father’s words. Tears started rolling down his face.

He pursued his passion. He was under the influence of the best art teachers. His creativity reached its height. He was selected as a contestant in a reality show. He was the first gay participant. He won the gold medal. His parents were called upon the stage for a standing Ovation. They shared the entire story of Sashank Akka Kohinoori with tears running down their eyes. Sashank loved his parents all the more.

In the concluding speech, his father said,

“God didn’t bless us with a girl child but he sent Sashank in our lives, who is our son as well as our daughter. We are his proud parents.”

The auditorium roared with a thunderous clap from all sides.

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