Pretty Pointed-Toe Shoes

Well, this time we wanted our community to find inspiration from Frida Wolfe‘s poem, Choosing Shoes:

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Lined neatly you
all stand tall and gleaming
Sparkling, shining,
Polished with a firm hand
Made meticulously perfect
My pointed white heels,
They stood class apart,
Reigning amongst all
Distinct and Distinguished
They were taken care of
specially by me!
I felt like a princesses
When I walked in them
When I rested them,
They gazed back at me
They still rest majestically,
But a little old and weathered,
They have aged!
Too wobbly!
They just gaze quietly!
Remembering their prime,
In a nostalgic mood
We both think of
What had been,
Once upon a time!


Faint memories cloud my mind
Of my favourite shoes as a little girl
Truth be told , they weren’t really mine

For they were my Auntie’s, you see
Black pointy shoes, smooth to touch
With delicate straps and stick like heels

I’d step into them oh so carefully
My four year old feet wobbling
But like a grown up I’d feel

Tock tock tock tock
I’d try to imitate her gait
Walking the length of the corridor
And by the mirror I’d wait

I’d twirl around clumsily
trying to pirouette
Almost falling over
Oops, oops, oooops! Not yet!


The spoiled little girl living in the mansion,
had everything that her heart could desire.
Her pater got her garments made of silk,
and all the furs and linens that he could acquire.
Her mater bought her exorbitant jewels,
rare gems which were found in exotic lands,
but her most precious possessions,
were the innumerable stands,
of footwear made by the best shoemakers.
And from all the shoes that she could choose,
the favorite pair of the pampered princess
were her pretty pointed toe shoes.


Looking sadly at my shoe closet
I think about the days,
When pretty pointed stylish shoes
Held there a special place
They made me feel all coquettish
In them I stood more tall
Today I look at boring clogs,
That will not make me fall
It is with shoes like all things else
That change with changing time,
We have to step down and just accept
That youth is past its prime!


This is a story of days long past,
When as a little girl, the die was permanently cast;
Seeing my mother in delicate pointy heels,
My fascination for that footwear was for lifetime sealed.

Tottering around the house in them was an ultimate high,
Though the next morning my feet on me were ready to die!
Walking in these gravity defying footwear,
Needs an adroitness and a certain amount of flair !

Now as a young adult, try taking them away from me;
They glamourize my appearance to an extraordinary degree !
Sashaying in them at any event,
Gives me a confidence that no amount of criticism can dent!!


I love collecting shoes
Of myriad colours and kinds
Flaunting new ones, to my anxieties I bid adieu
Like a ballerina, I dance and sway to the winds
From sneakers to pretty pointed toe shoes, I own it all
They give me comfort, confidence, and make me feel tall
I confess being an addict
An owner of multiple pairs, on acquiring new ones, myself I can’t restrict.


A shelf full of glamorous shoes
High heels to stand on a red stool
Pretty pointed toe shoes
To walk on balcony
With famous Gucci boots
Having a ball with red shoes
And harmony with luxurious white shoes
Still not enough of shoes
Or Gift me Macy’s firm boots, 
To amass joy after the white shoes.


Sadness is a monster.
She comes when she’s hungry,
And when she leaves starved,
She loses her temper
Like a thoughtless beast.
The folds clung to the walls,
Drunkenness is not for me.
The drops of alcohol on the carpet
What do they want?
Love has two edges
So are the pretty pointed toe shoes.


She walks with elegance.
Her diamonds shine like stars.
Her pretty pointed toe shoes,
Took her this far.
Her hair in white curls,
Her lips in sinister smile.
With a hint of devil in her two fox eyes.

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