Bound By Six Yards

Saree is the most elegant Indian attire, there’s a classic charm to a woman draped in this beautiful six-yard clothing.

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Unfortunately, almost all of us have just hidden it inside the closets to be adorned during weddings, festivals and special occasions.

Given a chance, we would yearn to drape one, after all, who would want to miss the golden opportunity to look gorgeous.

But hold on, is this true for women for whom it’s mandatory to wear a saree every day, after all, it’s a matter of ‘Khandaan Ki Izzat’, otherwise, ‘Log kya Kahenge!’

Certain communities in India still insist their daughters-in-law should wear a saree, every single day, salwar suits aren’t allowed, forget about t-shirts and tracks altogether! This holds true for most of rural India too.

Yes every day, come what may,  whether she’s nursing her newborn, she’s hurt and has a fractured foot, she’s finishing all the house chores, which include – sweeping, swabbing, cleaning on daily basis.

Can you imagine yourself, tucking the palloo every now and then, adjusting the blouse, worrying that the bra strap isn’t visible (as the male members of the family are around), doing every single chore wearing a saree? I can’t!

I can’t imagine their plight, how difficult it must be for them to go on in this manner day in day out, and not able to speak a word in protest.

Do not get me wrong here, I know our mothers too have done it all, while dressed in a saree, but then things are different today. There are many more comfortable clothing options to wear in daily life.

For these women who are bound by six yards, it’s the freedom from saree, which is one of their happiest moments. They desire to get their hands on a salwar suit or tracks. For them, their happiness comes in small packages which contain – Freedom From Saree!

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