New Year Resolutions

The year 2021, had been a roller coaster ride for me and my family. Never l had thought in my wildest dream that my father-in-law will pass away succumbing to the infection. The universe was suffering, so did we. The pandemic hit us hard but we survived it amidst all odds. The loss of our guardian was irreplaceable. His death taught me to be strong. If l would have faltered, my family would have never been able to cope up with the loss. I kept myself determined and inspired everyone to stay strong.


Every new year brings certain hopes and aspirations. All of us hope for the best. I have taken a firm resolution to be sincere in whatever l do. I want to keep on inspiring people with my creations. I want to pen down unlimited stories. The fear of the virus is still looming over my head. The future is uncertain, l can comprehend. I will never stop pondering over my resolutions. I want to bring out the best in me.

In the coming year, my elder son would fly away from my nest. The fear of separation lingers on my mind. I don’t know how l am going to deal with the pain of separation but I believe in my son’s ability. He will prosper wherever he goes. I have to make him self dependent. So, here is another resolution not to shed a tear at the time of parting. After all, he has to leave his parent’s protective shield to explore the world outside to become a gentleman. I wish him all success in life.

New year, new beginnings, l want to get rid of all the negativity. I want to spread positive vibes with the help of my homely smile. I want to explore myself more through my writings. Next year I am resolute to complete my thesis, with the blessings of almighty. May God grant me health and strength to be determined in my new year resolutions.


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  1. Nice resolutions may all ur resolutions be fulfilled ๐Ÿ‘

  2. Loved it , reality of life heena u nailed it !

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