Sometimes 9/10 does wonders.

New Year is coming! Yeah! let’s start to make a list of resolutions which we have to do in the new year. Yes why not ?(It’s a general thought that comes in everyone’s mind.) As we learnt to do so since our childhood. Same happened with me.

But before thinking about the new one, do we have ever thought about what happened with the old list of resolutions? No, as the days passed the list also faded away.

So, here I am not making the list. I just wish to make myself more stable. Here stable means flowing mental thoughts in balanced way. I try not to save and secure them in lock but let them flow freely. We have to understand that things don’t happen according to us. Whenever there is change, be ready with the ability of self stability. Change yourself as per the change needed the change. So that it doesn’t affect us deeply. My previous experiences taught me to do so. I understand all this totally but at the time of implementation I felt broken, disappointed.

So from the first day of January, I will make it sure to don’t let the incomplete task to hollow my mind. I know it’s important to give deadlines to things and do on time. But we are on that stage of life where stability matters most rather then proficiency. And I will work on stability which surely leads to increase patience.

Stable mind or we can say patience makes us stand strong even when we are not perfectly ready for any given task. To deal with humans we have to use our stable nature. Let them others use their personal space, time and ability as per their potential. Fast or slow but everyone reaches their destination. Then why always in hurry for perfect 10/10? Sometimes 9/10 do the wonders when you loose the 1point for the extra care of others which are in great need. It can be caring for your mother, kids or even for yourself. Let’s cherish the new ways.

Have a Happy New Year 2022.

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