Girl’s lives are ALSO not easy

Girls’ lives are so hectic.

From the day we are born we always listen. When we are born we become a burden for our family. Society says that if a girl is born it’s not good, who will make the family proud. It would be good if a son is born.

Then as we started growing, restrictions also started on us. Don’t go there, don’t sit like this, don’t stand like this, don’t move like this, don’t dress like this etc.

Then we started going to school, becoming more mature. Started thinking about bad and good, right and wrong but then also we get to hear that you are not mature, you don’t know anything, don’t be like a man or boy, you are a girl behave like a girl, don’t dress like boys, don’t talk to boys, don’t go out at night, girls are not safe in our society so don’t go out after 7 o’clock at night and only because of these limitations we stayed in our homes.

Then we started going to college. Started thinking that we will study hard and then have a good job or start our own business and make our parents proud but our parents think differently. They want us to marry fastly and learn every household work and then go and make our own family.

Everyone says that you girls don’t see anything in life, you don’t have to face anything, you always stay at home and rest. I’ll tell you today what we girls face. I’m irritated, angry and really pissed off when people say these things so I’ll tell you today what girls have to face in their life.

From childhood we called as a burden.We called weak. People stare at us like crazy , even if a bra strap is showing then people feel like they have the right to say anything.We can’t always go out with our friends, our parents don’t allow us to go alone at night. We have to always think about our next step. We have to always fight for ourselves. We get periods every month, we bleed the whole day isn’t it crazy.We got pregnant and have a baby in our womb for 9 months and then feel the labor pain.

It’s not easy. Not at all easy to face all the pain but we do. And you know what only we women can face and feel that pain.

People like you will never understand what pain we go through. It’s hard to go through that pain but then also we hear from people like you that we don’t face anything. I’m not saying that boys and men don’t face anything in their life. They also feel the pain, they also face a lot of things in their life but it doesn’t mean that a girl does not face anything.

The people who think we women and girls don’t face anything then I ask you people can you show me bleeding every month for 7 days, show me by being pregnant, show me handling both household chores and office work, show me not going out after 7 o’clock, show me not wearing whatever you want to wear, show me listening all the things we girls and women hear.

You can’t and you never can do all this.

I know you men and boys also face a lot of this in life but it doesn’t mean we girls don’t face anything so stop thinking that we girls and women are nothing just trash according to you guys. Stop seeing us low from you guys. We girls and women are capable on our own also.

For every women Or girl who is fighting their own battle without letting anybody know about it :—

You’re A diamond, Dear

They can’t break you.”

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