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I am free and flexible,
I am filled with air and can fly,
I live with my friends,
I am the delight of young and old.
I am the master of all celebrations,
I make all parties colorful,
If you overblow me, I will pop,
If I touch the ground, I will live short.
People hunt me according to the occasions,
Red and white for Christmas,
Orange and green for Independence,
Yellow and black for graduation.
Different colors different affairs,
Blue and white for a new beginning,
Orange and yellow for holy festivals,
Rich or poor, I am the friend of all.
I am a source of living for some,
Although, I fetch them low income,
The man who sells me is always in simple clothes,
He walks from street to street on foot or on a cycle.
I am used in several experiments,
Air occupies space children are taught on blowing air into me,
I am also a source of entertainment,
People inflate me often to play different games with me.
Once a little girl took me from a fair,
I was sad to leave my friends but I had to get on,
She held me by the string, pushed and pulled me up and down.
On her way home, she casually plopped me on the road,
I moved aimlessly here and there,
A little boy came out from a car,
He picked me up and got inside.
I was enjoying the car ride for the first time,
His sister snatched me from him,
I was pushed and pulled in turns,
At last, I burst and tore into pieces.
The children picked my slender pieces,
Put it on the fingers, blowing air from the mouth,
The fragile pieces puffed a little in miniature size,
They tapped it on each other’s heads.
My pieces tickled, their faces twinkled with laughter,
That was the end of my life.
I am created by my creator to spread happiness,
To abduct all the blues from one’s life.

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