Today’s tech-savvy grandparents

Last year, we celebrated an online Grandparents Day with great fervor. I was amused to visualize the grandparents embracing the new technology with full enthusiasm. The greatest benefit of that online celebration as per my view was the maximum participation of the grandparents from different parts of India.

photo of woman showing her cellphone to her grandmother

The program commenced with a welcome speech by me. All the grandparents were seen arrayed neatly in their finest attire, seated snugly with their grandchildren. They made sure that they were visible on the screen. I could hear a child whisper, “Dada Ji, mute Kar k baat kijiye. Ma’am sun lengi. Ma’am jab bolengi tab unmute karna hai. Sssshhhh!”

One child was eager to introduce me to his grandparents. Hearing a child speak, he unmuted himself and spoke,

“Ma’am, ma’am Aaj dada Ji b padhenge, mere saath.”

There were song and dance performances by our kids followed by an amazing creative time between Grandparents and kids to build a strong adhesion. They were asked to keep the materials handy. After a while, beautiful DIY crafts kept flashing on our screens. Children felt proud to flaunt their creativity. The teachers acknowledged them all one by one.

The fun and excitement further continued with the announcement of certain game activities. Grandfathers were asked to blow different colored balloons along with their kids. The grandkids did the makeup of their grandmother’s. All of us cheered them in the process. The grandparents were enjoying it a lot. They were welled up with excitement. The kids were equally committed to having their grandparents on screen.

Grandparents were given a chance to share their feelings with us in the end. A grandfather remarked, “Madam, you all are doing a condemnable job in this lockdown. You revived our childhood. We enjoyed so much caged around the four walls of our home. We are extremely satisfied with our kid’s all-around development. He enjoys his online classes and imitates his teachers. We are also learning new things. We are loving it.”

The grandmother, who was not well versed in English wanted to say something but she was not audible. We requested to turn on her mike. She quickly did as desired and started speaking, “Bhout Acha Laga, madam. Har Baar toh parents hi Saath rahte hai. Humare liye ye program organise Karne K Liye bhout bhout Dhanyavad.”

The program ended with a thank you note. It was a day full of happiness for children, grandparents and the faculty. This live encounter enhanced my perspective about today’s tech-savvy grandparents.


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