I capture each moment

Capturing the beautiful entries for our first prompt of 2022…

Here are the winners of 2022’s first weekly contest. (Top Three first)

Congratulations to all the winners and a sincere thank you to all the participants!


I capture each moment,
Letting my life brim with exuberance
For in treasuring memories lies happiness immense
The iridescent and vivacious hues of life
Offer solace, amidst the rhythmic percussion of time
Reigniting those dying cinders
These memories are what succors me to live
Salving my wounds inflicted by the sands of time
Donning the dark attire of time
When every clock jeered and scorned at me
Those priceless moments caressed me with a waft of calm.


When the Shutters Click
Memories are made, 
And  every moment is captured with a click
The days of reel cameras flash through
As the shutters clicked
Oh! Those days, when accidental ones, 
Couldn’t be deleted. 
So were the candid, over exposed ones. 
How many did we waste, 
How many did we laugh over and over, 
Indeed memories were made with a click.


I capture each moment that speaks to me,
I keep it very safe under a lock and key!
Picking up bits and pieces, I add them to my mind’s kaleidoscope now and then;
And with a twist of my wrist, I create new patterns again and again!
Rejuvenated and energized I can then face any challenge,
And beat life’s numerous setbacks, however savage!
The picture that emerges is my guiding beacon,
And strengthens my resolve even as I weaken!
Moments from my past help me move ahead,
With confidence and courage, I then choose the right path to tread!


I capture each moment as they will remind me of something fascinating
Memories I would be creating
That I can go back to when I feel melancholic
Because every click would be symbolic
The photos would take me back to the place
Which was my happy space
Once again, rejuvenated I would feel
And with delight, like a child, I will squeal.


I am an important entity, a VIP so to say,
without me weddings are as incomplete,
as Indian summers without the month of May.
I capture each moment at the wedding ceremony,
and create golden memories for the precious day,
when couples are joined in holy matrimony.
It’s true selfies are currently part of the act,
but they can’t steal my thunder on this day,
I surely know that for a fact.
So just pay attention girls and guys,
as I’m the indispensable wedding photographer, ‘Smile please’, would be my best advice.


Your fleeting childhood
I capture each moment now
Immortal in words


The eye
The lovely blues
The lonesome greys
The lucid dreams
I capture every moment
With flakes of emotions
Limned on your mindful palette
Letting yourself embrace the person you have become!


When I am with you, I just want to dissolve into nothingness
get lost in time infinitely, like sugar in lemonade,
blood in my veins, hue in the horizon
indigo in the night sky, lost to never be found,
wither away with the wind.
Would I disappear, if I am always on your mind?
lost in memories, and the sparkle in your eyes, when you see me!
The moments and smiles seized on android and Polaroid are void.
I want to capture each moment with you, as if it were my last.


I capture each moment
So I don’t lose any of it.
I want to keep it all alive,
So I can come back later to look at it.
Photographs stay forever with one.
But for people, that can’t be said
For certain.
They will leave when they want,
They will leave if they want.
They will always find a chance to walk away.
The photographs, they will never fail to stay.


I capture each moment in the empyrean of my heart \trying to savour life in its detailed delicacies/ besotted with dreams of a flamboyant tomorrow/ I cascade through time’s wanton shores/ deeply imbibing the memories in my mind/ years later when I sit by my window pane on a winter noon/ I redolently reminiscence the yester years/ and smile in remembrance/ how our lives are a mixture of memories and moments.


I captured each moment to cherish those later,
To relive my good time flown away in a blink of eye,
Moments full of sweetness & joy,
Tastier they become when called upon much later.
In all tastes they come: sweet bitter & sour;
Lending a blended taste to our lives;
Making our journey last and go beautifully far.
Because these make the crux of life!!


I capture each moment with you, now that I know that they are finite, I replay and savour each one, I didn’t know I had such an eye for detail, flavorful and wholesome each of them are, all thanks to your versatile nature, sands of time can’t take these away from me, until the very end, as I transform into a sand grain.


I capture every moment to nurture your face , my whole world revolves around you without any time chase , a day would not be too far when you would be landed, that’s the moment I would be capturing your every moment through my eyes not by lenses of your face.


I capture each moment
In the memory of a forgotten past
As I know I won’t forgive the future
The consequence of living all to fast.
I hanged photos around these walls
Hoping to feel that joy again
No wasted time over the edge of frame
A perfect capture of a moment when..

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