Wings to Fly

It was the kite flying week in India. Makar Sankranti may have lost its charm in most metro cities of India, over the years. To add to it, arrived this brutal virus… Your words though were sure winged enough to fly high this festive season.

Here are the winners of 2022’s first weekly contest. (Top Three first)

Congratulations to all the winners and a sincere thank you to all the participants!


Temptress of souls
Spoils of war
Monsters become monsters
And then so much more
Why are we waiting here
What are we writing for
We give words wings to fly
We help grieving hearts to cry
We raise up armies from the silence
We stand against discrimination and violence
We nurture rebirth, bringing forth someone’s worth
We poets, we one and all, lift up our pens, and hearken to the call.


My imagination
Has grown
Wings to fly.
Now I fly
To places, I have only
Dreamt of,
No travel regulations apply
Just the willingness
To fly, in dreamscapes,
Cocking a snook
To whatchamacallit
Ah, Corona!


O! My kite, where are you?
Where did you land?
Where did you flew?
While going in the sky,
When you took flight,
I was mesmerized, your colour so bright.
While in the sky I see,
Your colours red and golden yellow,
Speaking to me, saying hi and hello.
After searching a lot,
You were finally found,
Now in my hands, doing your spell bound.
(Written by my 11 yrs old son Ishaan.)


Wings of glory
Glide and sail
Fly even when I fail.
Wings of faith
Dive into the sky
For I sore high.
Wings of hope
Through the clouds
With fear and doubts.
Wings of eternity
I have taken off
Landing is at toss.


I too want birdlike wings to fly,
I too want to soar high in the sky.
I too want to be carefree and light,
I too want no hurdles in my flight!
I too want to learn to ride the wind,
I too want my life’s priorities realigned!
I too want not to give up without a good fight,
I too want to stand up for my right.
I too want to colour the horizon with bright hues,
I too want my path with valour infuse!
I too want to be like this affable kite,
I too want to my destiny write!


Berserk is my dissected heart learning to fly
Away from all these, with clipped wings
Devoted in meditation, generating growth
Should I find a chance never to slip away
Flipping flint fluidity of my best options
To glide through the waters uploading phobias
Having a lot to say to preys of that time
In tunes miracles singing at the hill and roof tops
“Wings to fly are mine this time”
Then I would come to save all flocks of birds
In flight flocks to luxurious nests built them.


My dreams ache to reach the sky, 
Like the kite that flew up high. 
Wings I need to fly so far, 
Of education, confidence, trust all at par. 
I know, I would ace the race, 
But at my own pace. 
As I have the wings to fly, 
And touch the sky


Give your children the wings to fly
Like a kite high in the sky
Never hold the strings tight
Seek happiness in their flight
Allow them to explore their destination
Seeing them inch the apex will bring elation
Give them the freedom to scour the world
Support them when their true emotions are unfurled


Stumbling, struggling, staggering through life,
twas a futile, stagnant existence,
but this valiant little heart refused to give up,
it resolved to survive with utmost persistence.
Like a fledgling taking it’s first flight,
I sprouted gossamer wings to fly,
vanquishing the fear of failure from within,
they grew stronger as I touched the sky.


I rise up!
Don’t let anybody tell you,
You cannot fly,
On powderpuff wings,
Where a thousand dreams lie.
It’s not the wings,
That lift you to the sky,
Your will is the heavyweight champ,
The Universe your ally!


When I spread my wings to fly
Ambrosial winds propel me to soar high
The jocund clouds of hopes whisper confidence in my ears
Riveting my grit, fortitude; I conquer all my fears
The iridescent hues of rainbow shines ushering in change
The chirping birds drag me to a world, Oh… so strange!
Where weaving dreams for oneself ain’t a crime
Beyond judgements, exuberance and contentment chime
Swaddled in self-love, I’ve discovered truth in fairytales
Turning a deaf ear, ensures freedom from hideous gales.


It’s a beauty of a handmade kite,
Made with bamboo, gilatine paper, glue
& a royal loyal golden eagle spritte
Free as a bird, in joyful flight
Has a wings to fly,
Which attracts in everyone’s sight eye
Above the sea flaunts, so high.
Beauty in its waving kite
Sigh of relief by seeing flying freely so pure delight.


I wish I had the wings to fly high up in the cerulean sky, circling the azure canvas like an epiphany. I wish I could tear through the fleecy clouds to reach the zenith of profundity. I wish my wings would soar into the infinity ,painting acrylic dreams on the bosom of a new horizon.


Wings to fly
My arms stretched to a limited high
I tried hard to catch the lone butterfly
The butterfly that flutters with my goals on its wings
The harder I try , the more challenges it brings.
Dodging and teasing me of my shortcomings
‘Spread your arms wider and fasten your yearning. ‘
“Rise up and bounce up” came sharper her warnings
“Remove the clothing of comfort and adorn the attire of grit and perseverance”.
And then lift your arms and try
You’ll find, you now have ‘Wings to fly’..


Perched on the golden bough of hope
In dulcet tones I coo this song
How life gives each one of us that one chance ,
Wasted, how that haunts us for long
But, how with courage we can rise after fall
Like the kite soars up past every dip
How wrong turns in road always have
An uncanny way to enrich your trip;
How faith gives us those wings to fly,
But its our choices which make us what we are.
How diligence propel us up high up, but
It’s the harshest lessons which burn us into a bright Star.


Propelled by the winds
with my anchor in your hands
I find my way intertwining the threads
playfully sun-kissing them to their demise
plotting my strategies to rule the sky,
only my captain: ‘my wings to fly’.
Today also I await to rule the sky
waiting for my captain to pilot
me to success but the sky
roared alight, clouds heavy
loving petrichor wishing
my sun-kissed day goodbye.



she was born with wings to fly
but they clipped them
before she could even try
just to keep her forever by their side
oh what a heart-rending story
for this pretty butterfly;
unable to reach so high
she now spends her days
daydreaming of saying goodbye
& one day leaving their side
maybe she can no longer fly
however, to be free
she doesn’t need to touch the sky.


Now you want to come back to me.
I am at a loss for words–
but I have wings to fly!
I have fitfully dreamed of you coming back,
holding our hearts in your hands,
making us whole once again.
The shadows of your time away are grim,
but they disappear in the light of our love.
Are you enough for me?
Do we complete each other?
Is the bond still there?


Give the myriad hues of the sky. Allow me to paint my sky a little differently. I ask for nothing else, but a freedom to express myself clearly. Give me a chance to spread my wings and soar high constantly Allow me to choose , shape my dreams and be myself. I ask for nothing less but an equal sky for us. Give each girl enough support to make their dream come true. Allow us to create their niche, beyond the cliched dominion. I ask for nothing more ,but give us our due respect ,rise above your oblivion.


I want to fly high up in the sky and cheer my heart up with the simplest things of life! I need wings to fly to myself and my self love and dream with the angels white cloaks!


You clipped my wings
And poured tar on my soul
You bashed away the goodness
And stole my happiness
You relished in my bruises
You licked your lips with my blood
Rebirth takes time,
Miracles take time.
I was born with wings to fly.


I’m trying to find my wings to fly,
But I’m lost in this typhoon!
Pretty sure I’m a butterfly!
Help me break out of my cocoon?
I don’t want to say goodbye,
But I’m sick of this platoon.
I think I’m ready to ratify,
This metamorphosis is soon!


Sometimes I’m jealous of the ones flying
while I’m perched on the sidelines watching.
It’s a strange combination
to have wings to fly
and yet be afraid
of falling.


The vast expanse of Earth to Sky is yours
Give wings to your dreams and fly high
Explore every nook and corner
Drift to unexplored zones
Broaden your horizons
Your wings will take you to new dimensions
You are limitless and boundless
Weather and winds may change their course
But learn to soar and fly high
Above the turmoils of the storm below.


Give me wings to fly
Soaring in metaphorical skies
I have never felt so high
Looking down I can see my problems
Miniscule upon the ground
I have found perspective
In this moment and it’s quite profound
Gaining objectivity
Looking at things sensibly
Eyes wide open I can see
Distance an effective key
To solving things efficiently.


A low lying sky with- Why’s
Tonnes of vice 
I am fooled to be wise
With soaring patriarchal malice
I was told, to tie up my wings
Just to boast as it lives
I sit and ponder on all knives
And decide now to break the chains,
Of male sovereignty pains
As now transform to rebirth again
Embracing my wings to fly
As limitless as up in the sky.


I wish I had the wings to fly,
For homesickness gnaws on me and makes me cry,
I long to see lands I miss and people I love;
And replenish my ‘beloved’ treasure trove.
It has been so hard to stay indoors,
And live amidst apprehensions and fears,
Oh, Corona! it’s time for you to say goodbye;
And let our planet heave a happy sigh!
My hope has wings and my prayers can fly,
To reach HIS kingdom up above in the sky,
As sincere pleas to ‘steer’ us out of this moat;
And ‘begin’ life on a fresh and cheerful note!


I’m like a cocoon who wants to become a butterfly
Leaving all core in me
Flying freely across the sky
Flying freely across the vast atmosphere without restraining my freedom
My freedom that belongs to me since the beginning
And proud to use my wings to fly.


Hey Mrs kite, why are you feeling shy?/ Bravery dwells in your fabric/ And faith has given you wings to fly/ Your final destination is cloud nine/ Prepare well for your journey/ I know you’ll be fine/ Never be afraid of reaching new heights/ Never be afraid to soar on sunny days/ And on the darkest of nights/


Trying to find
My wings to fly
But I’m tied
Trying to identify
The parasite
Attempting to crucify
Our human right
To survive
It holds on tight
We cannot thrive
Living stage fright
Intrinsically deprived
A sentient stalagmite
If only we’d been sacrificed

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