Single Mom


Nowadays, being a single mom maybe out of choice, but for most moms of the bygone era, it was not so.

A Single mom may be a married woman, a widow, a divorcee, a victim of man’s lust, or simply a mom whose husband’s job keeps him away for endless months.

Single mom has to play a dual role as a Parent,both as a mother and father. Loving and caring like a mom, stern and caring like a father.

Single Mom has to be there for her children alone, she may be weeping in her heart but has to put up a smiling face for her children.

Very difficult to understand the dilemma a single mom. Only a single mom can feel the empathy of another single mom.

She has to answer her children’s query,in a very diplomatic manner, as to why unlike their friends father, their father doesnot come home every evening. Not easy to explain this to a child who doesnot understand much.

She has to be a nurse to the ailing child, fend for the medicines running around, taking care of other children too.

Take care of children’s education, teach them, keep them well informed in education. Single mom has to attend the Parents Meeting alone, and every year you have to excuse yourself that father is unable to attend due to various reasons.

During festival season, during family weddings or any Celebration, when there are couples around. You have everyone looking at you with false sympathetic eyes, she has a choice to enjoy or sulk.

When your child attains the marriageable age and you have a daughter to be married, the situation is just grave. they feel may be the daughter also has the same behaviour as the mom and she is rejected.

Being a Single mom can be taken in a positive way too, Single mom has to take all the decisions single handedly.

God give strength to all Single mom’s to give their best to their children.

From Soney, Dr Arvinder (N.D)

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