Today Is Good But The Best Is Yet to Come

If you are facing a difficult time, sure you are strong enough to face it and if you think life doesn’t have enough challenges for you, you still need to be mature a little so you can face it. When the time is good you will face it. But to conquer, not to bend under the pressure of it.

Stay balanced through highs and lows. Stay hopeful in the leaner period and don’t forget to stay rooted and modest when at the top. One always follows the other, good times and bad times. Life is well lived when you stay balanced through it all.

I have heard people complain, why me?

Why don’t I have enough wealth?

Why this illness to me only?

Why can’t I have all the pleasure others have?

Basically, the grass is greener on the other side. 

Like always! When people think that, they fail to see the hard work instilled behind it. They might not always want that green grass if they can see all the sacrifices one had made to get it.

My life mantra is as simple as, ‘live your today without worrying too much about tomorrow.’ 

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There is no way to know your future. Let it unravel just like a new present every day. Let it unwrap layer by layer. As each layer unwraps, feel your heart flutter a little in the anticipation. What is there in it? Those moments are precious. 

Have you noticed a kid who gets way too many gifts on his birthday? He might not like each one of them but would still love to unwrap them by himself, one by one. He would be happy to take one, which he likes the most, and might not look again at many of them. 

Now try to give him a gift without wrapping it. It might not catch his attention at all. I remember when my son was very young, a car was a car till it wasn’t packed nicely. The moment I wrapped it in beautiful paper and decorated the face of it, it became a gift for him.

I might have made many sacrifices in my life, but what I had got in return was priceless. Only I can understand the value of it. Many times it cannot be measured monetarily but always each helped me to learn a lesson.  Each is entwined and paved the path to achieving the aim.

Each day, I wait for my best present. What I get today I love that and wait for the next thinking that the best is yet to be handed over to me. My heart flutters in anticipation each time and the enjoyment is unmeasurable and unsurmountable. This positivity gives me the power to move ahead and gives me the strength to conquer the difficulties on the way.

This mantra helps me to let go of many things, without speculating much because at heart I’m always sure what I’ll get in return will be way better than this.

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